Ferguson Prosecutor Sued By Grand Jury Member

Although a grand jury found former Officer Darren Wilson not responsible in the shooting death of Michael Brown, one member of that jury is now coming forward in an effort to speak out about the case. Identified as “Grand Juror Doe,” the member has filed a lawsuit against St. Louis prosecutor Robert McCulloch in order to gain the legal right to speak about what they claim was a “muddled” case.

The suit alleges that McCulloch knowingly allowed witnesses to provide false testimony as well as inaccurate information, which the juror says helped determine  the outcome of the verdict. Though prosecutors can file charges without the use of a grand jury, the process is used at times to identify whether there is enough evidence to go to trial. In this case, the juror claims that the evidence presented to them was slanted in order to sway their decision.

According to the lawsuit, “The investigation of Wilson had a stronger focus on the victim (Brown) than in other cases presented to the grand jury.”


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