Iran To Ban Rap Music Concerts From The Country

(AllHipHop News) The Islamic Republic of Iran is set to end any influence of rap music in the country’s public space, according to The Jerusalem Post .

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The publication cites Hussein Noosh- Abbadi, Iran’s spokesman for its Ministry of Culture and Islamic guidance, as stating the nation’s leaders see “this kind of Western music as a problem for our traditional music.” The JPost reports all public concerts have to be approved by the Ministry of Culture.

The regime’s representative has added Western music encourages “wild behavior” and could have a “detrimental effect on society.”

“We don’t want to have it,” said Noosh- Abbadi. “And we will prevent any unwanted incidents normally associated with such concerts and other events.”

Underground rappers in Iran have been arrested in the past. Popular Iranian Internet rapper Amir Tataloo was detained by the country’s morality police in 2013. Authorities claimed Tataloo’s arrest was the result of his alleged involvement with illegal satellite channels.

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