Hip-Hop Rumors: Hov's Family Tired Of Being Cast To The Side For Beyoncé?

There’s never really anything you can do to get in good with in-laws that will make them love you.

And Jay-Z and Beyonce’s case is no different.

Star Magazine is reporting that Hov’s fam feels some type of way about being left out of the couple’s exotic holiday getaway.

Sources tell Star that Jay Z’s clan is tired of Beyoncé keeping the rapper from his family.
“There are a lot of hurt feelings. His mother and siblings feel like they’ve been cast aside,” explains the insider who says that Jay’s elevator debacle with Beyoncé sister Solange only made things worse.
“While they dealt with the fallout, Bey and Jay were forced to close ranks, and it didn’t include his family.”
The last straw came this Christmas, when the couple ditched the in-laws for a holiday getaway to Thailand. “They were constantly posting photos online – it was seriously heartbreaking to his family,” says the source.
“Showing off to fans clearly was more important to Jay than spending time with loved ones who used to mean the world to him. And they’re blaming her.”

Sounds like a little bit if jealousy…but it may be hard for the Carter clan to share Hov these days…

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