EXCLUSIVE: Grand Puba Reunites With Babygrande Records For New "The More Things Change" LP, Drops Title Track

(AllHipHop News) Grand Puba has renewed his partnership with Babygrande Records for the release of his upcoming The More Things Change albumThe Brand Nubian founding member’s 5th solo LP is slated to hit stores this spring, and he plans to use the project as a platform to shed light on the proverb “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

“I have always felt that I am both an emcee and messenger for the people. Technology has ushered in the Information Age and its time for all people to use this age to right the wrongs of the past and set things up for a righteous future,” Puba tells AllHipHop.com.

The More Things Change will be the first official release from Grand Puba since 2009’s Retroactive. The politically conscious lyricist starts his Babygrande reunion off with the project’s title track. The jazz-influenced song narrates Puba’s views on police brutality, slave movies, stolen history, unifying the community, and Black pride. “The More Things Change” single features production by PhD and vocals from Isis.

“It saddens me to see a new generation experiencing the same social, political and economic challenges that every generation prior has faced. The world is watching everything from police brutality, to the failure of our judicial system, to Hollywood’s continuous inaccurate portrayal of our Egyptian ancestors. The world is watching,” adds the Hip Hop legend. “I am thrilled to be back with Babygrande to release my new album and to do my part as an emcee and as a messenger.”

Listen to Grand Puba’s “The More Things Change” single below and purchase the track on iTunes.

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54 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Grand Puba Reunites With Babygrande Records For New "The More Things Change" LP, Drops Title Track”

  1. William Witherz

    YO! I just looked this dude up last week, wondering what happened to him. I don’t think I even heard the 2009 album. That old Grand Pu was nice – what’s the skinny on Brand Nu anyway? Them dudes was ahead of their time, and I liked that reunion album from backinnaday (Don’t let it go to ya head, now!)

    Like the critics say, Jamar needs to put his feelings on wax. Where u at Sadat? – it’s time!

  2. IceBergSlim

    lol…Man I swear omg I was just rappin Slow Down .. Yeah I had to drop her she caught on to the plastic and I just couldn’t stop her ..lol…Brand Nubian.. Grand Puba was like that

      • Truth

        Gucci??really??sit the fk down somewhere.u dont know him b/c u ignant af. Certified legend. Gucci not cant hold 1/2 a bar to this guy

      • YUNGshoota187

        fck outta here bruh this dudes a nobody. i never even heard of him until now n his music sucks sound like some shyt my grandma listen to.

      • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

        Your grandmother has better taste in music than you do.

      • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

        LMAO You got the nerve to say Puba looks like he has down syndrome and you like Gucci?!?!

        And run a spell check before you post this dumb shit.

      • mfactor

        Nigga you a nobody. People have never heard of you. And we know damn well you know who Grand Puba is.

      • Carlos

        Gucci?, Gucci couldnt rap a present on Xmas. But on some real shit, it sounds like you trying to break into the rap game, not a good look to not know who rappers like Grand Puba are. If you ever smoked weed in a Phillies blunt, you owe that to Grand Puba, he brought that to the masses.

  3. cromthelaughinggod7

    Another Troll on this site. Nothing you say is worth a shit. First you are a pedophile and now this people just flag this weirdos comments.

  4. B.U.

    Nah, it’s these young niggas that look, act, and rap like they half retarded. Don’t front like y’all niggas is holdin in down.

  5. jamaicanqueen99

    OMG are you serious????!!! “Down syndrum” Lololol LMFAO LOLOL LOLOL LOLOL. SHUT YA ILLITERATE ASS UP!!!! You should be banned from using the internet, speaking better yet living. I don’t want a female to reproduce another one of you.

  6. Killtothis

    If you don’t know who Grand Puba (or Brand Nubian) I feel quite sorry for you, you’ve missed an integral part of the golden era. I’d suggest you take some time to listen to some of his work and that of his group.

    • YUNGshoota187

      lol na.i just listen to that shyt. gay af soundin like some music my grandma listen to smh. u old niqqas listen to some soft ass music real tlk. u can scheck my mixtape come out jan 28 tho if u wanna here some real shyt. i got a song wit keef on there “catch a body” the lead single. real shyt for the streets.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        But it’s Chief KEEF! The greatest lyricist of his generation. He INSPIRES people man. Don’t hate on Keef.

      • YUNGshoota187

        word keef go hard af. i got a song with capo too (keef artist from gbe)

      • Killtothis

        Provide a link I’ll check it out, curious how old you are? One thing you do need to remember though is without the pioneers there would be no culture.

  7. Judah Nazayar

    puba is the man.. however.. our ancestors were not the egyptians. perhaps Puba dont know the egyptians were worshipping penises= young thugged out

  8. M.R

    This generation all about , gun fights and skinny jeans….so anything positive they say its gay or wtfeva……so in 20 years the shit that they like wont evn get played PERIOD!!

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