Freeway Gives An Update On Beanie Sigel's Condition After Leaving The Hospital

(AllHipHop News) Many people in the Hip Hop community have been sending out positive thoughts for Beanie Sigel after the Philadelphia representative was shot in December. Bean’s State Property affiliate Freeway spoke with Revolt about his friend’s current condition.

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“He’s coming along. He’s home now. He’s with his family, he’s resting,” stated Freeway. “He should be back in tip-top shape in a couple of months.”

Sigel was released from the hospital earlier this month. The creator of the gold-selling albums The Truth and The Reason was the subject of false news reports including TMZ inaccurately claiming he had to have a lung remove. Free said he will continue to address these serious mistaken media stories and asked the public pray for his friend as he recovers from the shooting.

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Watch Freeway’s interview below.

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