Naya Rivera Apologizes For Saying Showering Daily Was 'A White People Thing' (VIDEO)

When Naya Rivera appeared as a guest host on The View earlier this week (Jan. 13), she caused quite an uproar when she said “white people shower a lot more than ethnics” and deemed showering daily or more than once a day “a white people thing.”

After feeling the wrath of Twitter, Big Sean’s ex-bae returned to The View to issue an apology and claimed her comments were meant for comical relief.

“Yesterday, we were talking about a study that says you’re supposed to shower once or twice every three days. I had an opinion on it that was supposed to be a joke. Apparently it didn’t go over so well,” she told the audience.

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She made light of the backlash, even reading some of the tweets that condemned her for her comments. See her apology below.



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