State Of The Black Union Address Will Address Issues In The Black Community

Though President Obama addressed urgent issues at last night’s (Jan. 20) State of the Union address, like women getting paid maternity leave, equal pay between men and women, his plan for community college to be tuition-free and much more, he glazed over issues that affect the African American community.

To delve into those critical issues, over a dozen organizations are teaming up to host the State of the Black Union address, set to be aired today (Jan. 21) at 3 p.m EST on

Crucial matters that will be addressed include police brutality and violence in the African-American community, the U.S. Prison Industrial Complex and its disproportionate impact on Black people, political prisoners being held right here in America and more.

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Organizations that are involved in this address include Justice League NYC, Millennial Activists United, Black Lives Matter, Trans Women of Color Collective, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Dream Defenders, Black and Brown People Vote, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, the African American Policy Forum, ThinkMoor, Unchained, BYP 100, Freedom Side, Ohio Students Association, Hands Up United and the Organization for Black Struggle.

A digital town hall meeting will also be taking place tonight at 8 p.m EST via Twitter using the hashtag #SOBU  for all black people “to share their reflections of this historic year and to express their vision for progress in 2015 and beyond.”

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