Hip-Hop Rumors: Mya Pop Lock And Drops During Strip Club Performance

When the checks stop coming…find a new profession.

At least that what seems to be the case with R&B singer Mya.

May took it back to the 90’s for her performance at G5 strip club in Miami Friday:

Part 2 Mya At G5 Last Night Performing To Her New Single! ! ?????

A video posted by DESTINED FOR GREATNESS (@flylifestyl3) on

Press Play: Oop! Look at #Mya getting it in at #G5 Strip Club last night in Miami! #DontHurtNobody @flylifestyl3

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As you can see Mya got a few dollars thrown her way onstage…smfh. This was one of my favorite singers back in the day…

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18 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Mya Pop Lock And Drops During Strip Club Performance”

  1. T-Jackson

    This is not a big deal. Mya’s a beautiful woman she’s just getting into her performance & having fun so I see nothing wrong with it. Besides you either gotta be gay (which is nothing wrong with that if your are) or one sad person if you got a problem with this.

  2. Some Body

    Hatin ass mofo. Like you wouldn’t be throwin your money at her either. Let me see her at the shake junt I’m walkin out that mug broke as hell.

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