Hip-Hop Rumors: Who's Gonna Be Featured On Chance The Rapper's Debut Album?

Chance The Rapper has had a buzz for a cool minute now and he’s gearing up to release his debut album that’s still unnamed.

One thing for certain about the album is that Chance has some of the biggest names in hip-hop already lined up for appearances.

GQ revealed that the Chicago native impressed some big names and they had to hop on his album one time:

“Suspended from high school in 2011 for weed-related activities, he says, he put the finishing touches on 10 Day, a heavily hyped debut mixtape. His subsequent guest appearances—nasally breathless, startlingly precocious—gained the attention of artists like Frank Ocean, J. Cole, and André 3000, all of whom will appear on his yet to be named debut LP. ”

Well there you have. Can we expect a line or two from Drake?

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