Breeding Ground: Peter $un

So, we had a unique submission come in earlier this week from a rapper who goes by the name of Peter $un. His video is colorful and trippy, but his rhymes or so dope, watching this thing would change your life. The song is titled “Jinchuriki” and i was told a dope story from $un’s people about the title itself:

“Its a 90’s cartoons how about a ninja warrior who was shunned by his village for being different
They all disrespected him and shunned him. He ended being the strongest ninja in the village
sort of how the music community shunns the people that are different. The villagers being peter peers in music. The video is all about unlocking your inner potential.”
You can check out his mixtape via Soundcloud too Peep “Jinchuriki” below, and let us know what you think.


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