Bay Area Rapper Tha Jacka Shot & Killed In Oakland

(AllHipHop News) According to multiple reports, Dominic “Tha Jacka” Newton was killed Monday evening in Oakland, California. Witnesses claimed to have heard gunshots around 8:15 pm. No arrests have been made as of press time.

Tha Jacka (also known as Shaheed Akbar) started his career as a member of The Mob Figaz. As a solo artist he released the albums The Jack ArtistThe Street Album, Flight Risk, and others. His most recent project was 2014’s What Happened To the World.

Members of the Hip Hop community offered their condolences on social media. Newton was 37-years-old.

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Watch the CBS San Francisco report on Tha Jacka’s death below.

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72 Responses to “Bay Area Rapper Tha Jacka Shot & Killed In Oakland”

  1. RMfag

    I’m just wondering if people are tired of seeing black men get shot up all day?

    R.I.P. I know that his dick was thick and long. He will be missed and so will me sucking him off.

    I would think the demographic whos the biggest homicide victims would give a damn? But I guess I’m wrong. If it ain’t about puzzy, weed or rack of ribs, y’all don’t care.

    Who really cares about young black men getting shot?
    Do you care?

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      but u sitting here talking about giving him oral if he was alive and then the next sentence you talking like you MLK?!!?!

      Times to be a troll and times not to be.

      Choose one.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Look through my comments. The troll account was gay but not my account. Degenerate scum

  2. coldPissa

    They glorify romanticize guns and death then people are surprised when these rappers get shot, people still haven’t figured out the power of their words yet?

  3. Husallah777

    Him and cormega where real tight. Hes not the best lyricist but he was hard. He not for everyone. I been listening to him since cbo and mob figgas in 97. He wad doper when he was younger.check out tear gas

  4. Gregory king

    so sad to see another brother being gunned down and going to the morgue with a tag on his feet ..this is why no other race in the world respects us as a people because we can’t even get along as a people and unite

    • D. Rose in the paint

      Let me stop you right here bro…lower class ghetto raised African Americans are only about 8% of the world population…. and about 15-20% of the entire black population….stop making that the representation of all black people globally. Maybe its you who needs to expand outside of the ghetto population to see the various types of blacks.

  5. Tentin

    Sad, radio hip hop is being controlled by corporations who don’t tell you about the real rappers like Immortal Technique, Living Legends or Atmosphere, but instead give all the publicity to Jay z, lil Wayne and other selected few who don’t have much to say but plastic words and hate for their fellow man…. when are you guys going to realize this ridiculous cycle!? How long must this shit continue!!!!!

  6. Jonathan Cayol

    Man I really used to bump Jacka hard . I used to bump both him Husala & Cormega I found out about Jacka because him & Cormega was close & Mega was like one of my favorite rappers . But the sad thing is now that I’m living for the son of God Yeshua Ha Meashiach the Messiah I have long stopped listening to him & it’s something how him & Mega & Freeway talk all that killa talk but when it’s light’s out it’s Lord have mercy & be merciful & everybody wanna get all holy & sacred man Jacka ain’t in heaven according to the Bible & according to the Quran . Even though I believe the Quran is false devout Muslims that I know will say flat out he’s in hell according to the Quran & I know the Quran is false so he doesn’t stand a chance & God forbid he tries to measure himself to the Bible because that Bible is vicious ! My Yeshua said for this is the condemnation that the world loved darkness rather than light because their deeds where evil . & then it says he who does not have the Son does not have the Father & he who does not have the Father does not have the Son . & then it says if you do not have the Mashiach Ha Kadesh (The Spirit of Christ) then you do not belong to God in Apostle Sha’ul’s (Apostle Paul) letter to the Romans chapter 8 verse 9 ! Sad to see him live an dishonorable life toward Elohim & sad to see such a beautiful talent go to waste consumed in the vanity of money , women , & material things . What does it profit a man to gain the whole world & to lose his soul . In the words of my Adonai Yeshua Ha Mashiach . Repent !

    • Idgaf_MeMe

      I am not an internet shit-talker; however, Jonathan Cayol you are not
      God. Don’t feel sorry for a legend who will live on through many of us.
      His closest friends and family knew him as a human. Yes, he lived the
      street life and practiced Islam. I am a Catholic. Hate me later 😉 But I
      know that not every Catholic abides by Catholic law, doesnt make them
      less Catholic. Prophets and Disciples get chosen by the man above for
      divine reasons unbeknownst to man. I believe he had a message to share
      and did just that. No one is perfect. The God I pray to knows humans and
      is forgiving to all his children. I didn’t like you saying my boy is in
      hell. Not cool. Youtube his VladTV interview on the topic of streetlife
      and Islam. One can wear many hats in this lifetime. Richard Feynman is a
      good one to look up also if you want more on how it is possible to be
      more than one thing in the light and the dark.

  7. Salvador Silva

    Its getting old…. its always a rapper from the bay that loses his life. It is B.S. So how many more young lives will be taken? Would Jacka be alive today if he wasnt a rapoer and worked a normal 9-5…. Very sad.

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