Are Dame Dash & Kanye West Going Into The Movie Business Together?

(AllHipHop News) There may be a new powerful Hip Hop force rising in the movie business. According to a recent post on Instagram, Dame Dash is working with Kanye West on a film endeavour, and A Tribe Called Quest member Q-Tip was on hand for the closing of the apparent deal as well.

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Dame appeared in an IG picture with Kanye and Q-Tip. The co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records added a caption that suggested he was set to work with the Yeezus album creator on an independent project. He even posed the idea the duo could be the next Steven Spielberg and David Geffen of DreamWorks Pictures.

Dash wrote:

 The thing we don’t do historically and culturally is stick together but we are stopping that now if we stick together we don’t need any middle men from others cultures… We know we can do it on our own…but we are so powerful together…pause and we have our own money..we already made history in music so we can do that for fun so we’re gonna do movies… This is like when Spielberg and Geffen got together and did dreamworks…it’s time…me and kanye making movies and my brother Qtip was there to bless the deal #independencewon#cutoutthemiddleman photo by @raquelmhorn@loisaidas@damondashstudios@dressedtokill_ddstudios@toohonorable_ddstudios@qtiptheabstract

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