Man Gets Slapped And Knocked Out!

Holy Crap! A knock out is a knock out, but a slap that turns into a knockout is another story totally! There is a contest somewhere in America where dudes slap each other into oblivion. One dude…just dropped. See it below.

Somebody call the Amberlamps!

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19 Responses to “Man Gets Slapped And Knocked Out!”

    • illseed

      yeah – some people just want to complain about something. This was on everything, incuding like Jimmy Kimmel. This is why I’m ghost now. FOH.

  1. Chris

    I’m just glad there were no Black people involved. We’re right on schedule to meet our buffoonery quota for the next couple of decades.

  2. i'mreloaded!

    What made it so funny was the dude with the hat slapped the guy and acted like he did somethin. Then he walked up to the table with that mannerism like “Yeah ni**a, I just slapped da $hit outta you, what you got?” HA! Stupid azzez. Dat ni**a’s hat spinned on his head! ROFL!

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