Hip-Hop Rumors: Safaree Hurt Behind Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…

Safaree and Nicki’s verrryyyyy ugly public breakup is taking its toll on her ex, and her hooking up with Meek Mill flaunting their new relationship doesn’t make things better.

A source revealed to UrbanIslandz that Safaree is trying to cope with pain by working hard on music:

““Beezy (Safaree Samuels) is a good guy and he is really hurt by the photos and by what she is doing,” the source told us. “She is going around dissing SB and sucking up to Meek Mill when a few weeks ago she wanted to work things out. How does she expect to be taken seriously.”

“Music is what he does best so instead of being depressed about it, he is spending a lot of time in the studio working on his mixtape,” the source revealed.

“He was the one who introduced her to Meek Mill and over time Meek poisoned her mind against him,” the source added.””

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51 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Safaree Hurt Behind Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill”

    • Obi Won

      Man people forget Meek was that Dirty lil desperate dude in Philly. Just because he cleaned up doesn’t mean he’s not still grimy. Some dudes you just gotta keep away from your main chick.

    • MonaLisaMinaj

      Cannot get mad at Meek for stepping in when SB wasn’t doing his job…how many times he cheated and she took him back?! While Meek was in jail he should had been stepping up, only so much a person (woman) can take, even if another dude is in her ear, she with this dude for 12 years and how many other dudes was trying to get at her….you don’t realize what you had until it’s gone!!

  1. MrNoName2K

    of course he hurt.. but then again ice cream only look good when someone else is eatin it.. this is some made for tv drama sh*t..

  2. Pope Chuck Paul

    This is how i see it with every chick. Yea Meek is poppin right now, but once nicki catch meek cheating ?(because niggaz always get caught lol) she’ll be crying a river and sb will be laughing up a storm.

      • eddieknucks

        Meek probably ratted his ass out in the first place. Straight dirty mackin.

    • baller187

      nigga u must be asleep meek fell off, and cant get a cd out and the LAST CD FLOPPED, NO ONE WAITIN ON HIS MUSIC ANYMORE, wale got a good chance though but MMG DONE SLIPPED ANYWAY, ross pttin out trash cuz he rich

  3. MonaLisaMinaj

    Pride jacked him up, she was taking this dude back many times but he wanted to leave so no need to cry a river now!! He said she texted him two weeks before he did the “interview” to ask if this what he wanted…what you did not think she was going to move on? You can tell she really loved this dude, but finally she getting the attention he wouldn’t display. They both need closure!! I just hope Meek is for her, if not she will get hurt again?!

    • Oklahoma_Veteran

      No no no he played a big part in where she is right now far as music they’re problem was in his words was there was no respect she started treating him like a employer instead of her man in any relationship that’s not gonna work so he left and of course he gone feel bad she with someone else they been together 15 years so it takes time to get over that and it’s funny all the time they was together they kept they relationship behind closed doors now she with meek they all in the open why cause she trynq hurt him cause she know her heart is still they’re to.

      • MonaLisaMinaj

        This isn’t about him helping or nah with the music. He didn’t demand the respect, because no real dude going to let there woman be all up on another man without putting his foot down. I do agree her heart is still there, as she forementioned that she will always love him but there come a time when you have to let go. She stated in an interview that she doesn’t feel afraid anymore to let people in her personal life, plus I bet Meek not going to take some of the crap SB took and making her claim what he think is his…she said she needed a man that would be a little rough with could mean more demanding.

      • baller187

        NIGGA HE IS DONE AINT nomovin on when the money goes thats the real KILLA

    • Splatter

      moved on to a nigga that was locked up. and was wifed up with him within a month. after 12 years. and making it public when dude biggest gripe was she treated him like an assistant and couldn’t do a lot of public stuff together. but because Meek is an established act with his own following she can milk the “power couple” persona. You might wanna look at things from a broad perspective, not just as a woman backing another woman or a superfan.

  4. Markus

    I would tell dude that it’s obvious she’s not coming back. And if she did i doubt he would be comfortable within himself to let where she’s been and who she’s been with slide.

  5. that dude

    What’s really fucked up is Safaree is seeing all the pictures with Nicki and Meek and in every pic Meek has his middle finger up at the camera. That really has to hurt just thinking that middle finger is for you while he’s posing with your ex. I think Nicki & Meek super wack for that.

  6. baller187

    ofcoarse this nigga hurtin, he go from bein somebody to off the map and BROKE, ITS A A RAP NIGGA ONCE THE BITCH LIKES ANOTHER NIGGA FOR REAL

  7. i'mreloaded!

    She ain’t goin nowhere. She just puttin on right now. You really think she just gonna throw away all that time with that boy? She don’t want no damn Meek Mill, but he is prolly smashin though. These pictures they be takin look forced and she smilin too damn hard. Ain’t no bish dat damn happy. Soon as he get with another chick she’ll be stalkin his azz and tryin to get back.

    • The Legendary Troll

      that would be poetic justice if 2 years from now SB got the hottest single out and meek get dropped for mmg and struggles to fill up small clubs

      • Celz

        That screamin shyt is dyin out.. The hot young kids Migos and Young Thug have more complex flows, rhyme schemes, and melodies with their garbage lyrics.. He’s going to go double wood and then fade out..

      • Uncle Ruckus

        Young Thug? Really?!!! He’s the reason I didn’t download Nipsey’s new shit. I’m not with all the weirdo shit he does and the one track I have heard, didn’t sit right with me,

      • Jean Alvarado

        The funny thing is that Nipsey musta realized how bad that track was and cut it from the mixtape. I’m so glad it’s not on there

      • Uncle Ruckus

        LOL Oh for real?! Okay. Now I WILL download that shit!!! Thanks

      • Obi Won

        If you wouldn’t have said anything, I would’ve never known they did a track together. Glad it wasn’t on the new Nip Tape

      • Celz

        Young Thug’s melodies be on point from a club song standpoint.. He has no subject matter, you can’t understand what he says, and he acts gay for publicity.. I almost hate dude.. But that’s why the kids like him tho..

      • Dark Matters

        Well, I wish the guy well. Time will tell – trap rap on 808s seems to have run its course.

      • dane

        One can only hope it’s run its course. I’ve never been a fan of it but Meek Mill most certainly is not on his last legs, seeing as how his music does not only consist of trap rap. But to each his own i suppose.

  8. The Legendary Troll

    every man has been through this. this experience teaches you to watch who u give your heart out to. now dude goin be closed off emotionally and a big time playa..and a chick goin have to work extra hard to earn her way in

    btw i listened to this dude music. he use to suck but he actually got skills. if nicki wasnt so selfish she could’ve been put him on and they could have a jay-z beyonce thing going on. you can tell he taught her how to rap an hes 1000 times better

    • Ms. Me

      Real men don’t want their music to be out because “their woman put them on the spot”. They want someone to pick them solely because they heard their music, felt where they were coming from and knew that’s what the music industry needed. I’m pretty sure if he wanted her to put him on he could have had his way. Not everyone wants to take the easy way into the business. As for Nicki and Safaree…It’s their relationship so they need to both be adults and not become a “playa” because it’s not fair to either one of their hearts and only gives the media something to feast on. Js

  9. THOT Provoking

    i would be mad too if a chick dont wanna publicize our relationship because of her career but then she boo’d up wit the next nig, taking pics and ish!

  10. imdifferentme

    I can tell Samuels is a good dude, no ones perfect. This nigga meek mills I don’t know….maybe Nikki should stick with what’s familiar. You live and you learn.

  11. diddlebug

    he should just brush this off…she’s not into meek like that..shes using him to make safaree jealous and Meek..i see him using her as a play thing. Relationship? I just don’t see it

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      he was with her before she met Wayne and got shit popping….. we talking years. he thought he chose wisely but come on fam, you acting like we can see in hte minds of others. You know how many people thought they chose wisely only to end up in divorce however many years later.

  12. $25041764

    poor fella, never let them see you sweat, cry at home when you by urself, act like she lost when you out in the streets

  13. dane

    Thing that bothers me is that now because of all this attention to Safaree, people are gonna buy his mixtape and act like it’s actually good. He’s a good person but his music is not as good as it should be, what with all the resources he had with nicki.

  14. Arrie Mental Woodard

    everybody mad at meek. look he a dude, doing what dudes do…. opportunity knocks you answer…. Meek was locked up, came home and Nicki was single…. Safaree wasnt his man like Pmon, Tak, Omelly and Dean. His loyalty is to HIS crew and unless nigs got proof he was sabotaging the relationship then nobody should come at his neck. Come at Nicki neck for making everything public…. Meek posted maybe 2-3 pics, ol girl is the one talking and flaunting!!!

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