Hip-Hop Rumors: Safaree Hurt Behind Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…

Safaree and Nicki’s verrryyyyy ugly public breakup is taking its toll on her ex, and her hooking up with Meek Mill flaunting their new relationship doesn’t make things better.

A source revealed to UrbanIslandz that Safaree is trying to cope with pain by working hard on music:

““Beezy (Safaree Samuels) is a good guy and he is really hurt by the photos and by what she is doing,” the source told us. “She is going around dissing SB and sucking up to Meek Mill when a few weeks ago she wanted to work things out. How does she expect to be taken seriously.”

“Music is what he does best so instead of being depressed about it, he is spending a lot of time in the studio working on his mixtape,” the source revealed.

“He was the one who introduced her to Meek Mill and over time Meek poisoned her mind against him,” the source added.””

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