Hip-Hop Rumors: Taraji P. Henson Says Lil Kim Is Inspiration Behind Cookie Character NOT Nicki Minaj

Hmmm Taraji has raised a few eyebrows after she somewhat threw some shade Nicki Minaj’s way, saying that ‘Cookie’ character from Empire is inspired by Lil’ Kim and Nicki got everything from the vet.

Taraji recently did an interview with Vogue on playing ‘Cookie’ and had this to say:

“Kim is everything. Today it’s Nicki Minaj, but Nicki Minaj got everything from Kim. Kim came on the scene and made everything change for women—she made it feminine and sexy and hardcore. She was a champion, and she’s certainly Cookie’s champion.”

Uh-oh. Sounds like shade to me. #butthatsnoneofmybusiness.

Meanwhile Kimmy loved the compliment from the actress.

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