Hip-Hop Rumors: Vivica Fox Says 50 Is The Love Of Her Life

It all started when 50 Cent shouted out scantily clad Vivica Fox at the BET Awards in 2003…

About a decade plus late, Fox says 50 still has her heart. During a segment, the actress revealed to Meredith Vieira that despite the couple’s bitter breakup, she still has lots of love for the Queens rapper:

“He is absolutely the love of my life, I really, really cared for him and I loved him very, very much and I always will, but he just wasn’t right for me. That’s hard when you really, really love a person in your heart, you want to be with them, but you finally have to say, ‘He’s just not right for me. I wish him the best, he is amazing and baby, he’s fine, but… sometimes love ain’t always right. The heart wants what it wants, but sometimes it’s just not right.”


These two dated a year…honestly they must have still been kickin’ it off and on after the breakup for her to still be in love…


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