Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Starts Instagram Beef With Baby Momma

For the most part Meek Mill’s baby momma Fahimah Raheem keeps a pretty low profile.

That’s why when she started liking Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree Samuels Ig posts, there was no way the ish was gonna go unnoticed.

Mill got wind of the ‘innocent’ likes and blasted Raheem in a post of his own:



Word is once Meek saw what was going on he started blowing up Raheem’s phone non-stop. Raheem claims liking the posts was innocent, for the most part I’m really trying to believe her, but COME ON NOW. You know damn well what you were doing.

Raheem clapped back at her baby daddy’s antics in a message of her own:



Is she right? Should it matter whose pics she likes on IG if Mill is content with the baddest in the game? Hmmm….


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