Brawl Breaks Out At Travis Scott & Young Thug Concert (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) GOOD Music affiliate Travis Scott is currently on tour with Atlanta rapper Young Thug. Attendees at a recent stop of the “Rodeo Tour” were involved in a huge brawl that involved Scott as well.

Video of the melee has made its way to YouTube. An individual identified as Scott (wearing red pants) is seen getting into a fight with another man. Then several other people jump into the fracas.

Scott is scheduled to perform tonight in Denver, Colorado. He and Thug will also hit Milwaukee, Chicago, and Detroit in the coming days.

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Watch video of the incident below.

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28 Responses to “Brawl Breaks Out At Travis Scott & Young Thug Concert (VIDEO)”

  1. Dointer

    When you get on a track, and drop lyrical gems like ” I got more money dan you” or ” Got your savings on my wrist”.. Literally dissing the people that are buying your music…. Then shit like this you cannot expect to be immune from…. Made your bed…and it feels comfortable…Just wait for the bed slats to fall out.

  2. Markus

    Between fights breaking out with half the crowd while the other half gets in your way to get away from the nonsense because they all want to film it,it’s a surprise that anyone still goes to clubs. Live performances these days aren’t worth the hassle.

  3. InTheNightKitchen

    Someone is actually yelling kill that motherfornicator, kill that nigg3r?

    Also, that person sounded white to me too.

    Humanity is trash, there could never be a Bruce Leroy Almighty, especially if it was handed to me.

  4. therealest1

    The only issue I have with this topic is Young Thug didn’t get knocked out like Suge Knight or get his effeminate gimmick ass whooped.

  5. Dark Matters

    Dudes pay hard earned money to go to a show to fight the talent. Imagine lol – bunch of weird people.


    Dude in the white was getting dude until security slammed his ass, Travis Scott knew which direction to run that’s for sure…………straight towards security.

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