Hip-Hop Ruomors: Erica Mena Boycotts LHHNY Reunion

Welp if Erica Mena is one of your Ratchet Love and Hip-Hop New York faves you may want to start looking for another.

The reality star has had enough and decided to skip out on the reunion opting to celebrate her sons’ birthday in Florida.

Mena feels that since she’s about to become Bow’s wifey, she has a certain image to uphold.

Bossip reports:

““A lot of people cast this season were cast because of beef with her,” a source close to Shad Moss’ fiancé told Bossip, noting that Chrissy, Cyn Santana and Jhonni Blaze all had problems with Mena. “Erica was pretty much sick of the deflecting and the projecting of off other people’s negativity.”

Mena also has a history of turning up at the Love and Hip Hop reunion shows. Just last year, she laid hands on former cast member Nya Lee. With Blaze and others gunning to fight her, Mena simply decided she’s not about that life.

“She’s about to be somebody’s wife,” the source told Bossip, “and she didn’t want to put herself in the type of space where that could happen.”

Mena skipped shooting the Love and Hip Hop New York reunion Tuesday, and instead went to Florida to celebrate her son’s birthday. Mena and show creator Mona Scott-Young privately filmed her portion of the reunion last week.”


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