Yo Puma… WTF Dude?!

We’ve spent two full seasons observing the Harlem hood soap opera known as VH-1’s Black Ink Crew. We’ve spent week after week on the edge of our seats watching the up-and-down, day-to-day dysfunction of Alex, Sky, Sassy, Ceaser, Puma, Dutchess, Oh Sh*t and the rest as they go back-and-forth in the confines of a black owned and operated tattoo shop. And whether we laughed, cried or cringed, we all tuned in.
But with season three well under way, the twist, turns and tragedies have escalated to face-palming proportions. Well AHH’s MrMecc sat down with the wild man of the pack Puma to talk Patron vs Hennessy, Oh Sh*t’s rehab chances and the whole chicken-Ceasar slamming debacle.


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