Hip Hop's Biggest Love Triangle Kiss & Make Up

Photo via Sister 2 Sister

We have to say it’s awesome to see Faith Evans and Lil’ Kim getting along for the sake of being grown women and in the name of the late Notorious B.I.G. Even though one would expect Faith to be mad at Lil’ Kim’s past sidechick role, it’s kind of intriguing to know that Faith is calm about the whole situation, and has moved on some time ago. Evans even told the Breakfast club in a nonchalant manner that she knew about Biggie and Kim’s affair. When Diddy and Snoop Dogg hosted the Puff Daddy and Snoop Dogg and friends concert during All Star weekend, Faith took to her social media to say Lil’ Kim was doing her thang on stage and what’s beef. Lil’ Kim replied today on the anniversary of BIG’s death saying “thank u Faith for the beautiful words u said to me. Happy B.I.G. day! #BiggieDay forever.”


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