The Game Calls Out Who For Snitchin' In Court?

You know outspoken rapper The Game thinks he’s the second coming of Tupac LOL, so to no surprise he has gone on a public social media rant calling out 40 Glocc for snitching in court! Surprisingly The Game openly admits to giving Glocc a pretty bad beat down. The Game took to his Instagram to say this:

“Meet Ratatouille aka Master Splinter aka 40 cocks in his mouth in court SNITCHIN…. Got me in here wit all these police, lawyers & sh*t cause yo p*ssy a** can’t take yo a** whoopin like the SUPER CRIP you claim to be…. You ain’t no crip, yo own hood don’t f*ck wit you & you live in Vegas in a roach motel wit 2 prostitutes… I beat yo m*thaf***** a** & you in court tellin on a n****…. Well tell b****… Yea, I did it.. I F**KED YOU UP for the world to see…. Ran up on Plies & my n**** Tune wit that fake thug sh** but when I caught you, you got BEAT THE F**8 UP !!!! Compton n***** wit the bidness n**** !!!! You a mark & everybody know it !!! SAY THAT AINT YOU up there wit yo rat a**”

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128 Responses to “The Game Calls Out Who For Snitchin' In Court?”

  1. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    So 40 FLOP was in court and denies this? Photos and all but then wants Game to pay up? I though you new niccas was still on that “no snitching”? 40 need another ass whooping Jayceon! QUEENS!

    • Ronlg1

      Whaaaat!!! In my Pinky voice from Friday “Say it again, Nicca!!!” You spoke the truth on that one. How bout Game snitched on himSELF!!!


    40 COCC couldn’t GIVE AWAY his music, so figured I might as well SUE another street rapper, & claim he ‘damaged my career’ – WHAT CAREER?! …..& was ‘the tough guy’ beratin’ GAME & his kids & girl on social media, but couldn’t back it up! R.I.P. his lame ‘rap career’!


    Social media is the worst thing to ever happen to rappers, because they all fail to realize that the real media used to pay them top dollar for their input, now rappers are just talking reckless online for free…lol……Why pay a rapper for an interview when you can just get all the answers from their social media account.

  4. dru523

    Everyone lost:
    Game – Running up on someone with a crew, even if 40 tried to square up and got the best of him, he would have got jumped…then Game snitched on himself for having it put online.
    40 Gloc – Running up on people when he had a crew and acting like that made him tough. Then taking the street sh!t to court. I guess getting paid off it is the only thing that makes his loss a win.

  5. Carlos Andrade

    Gayme was running around with jimmy henchman(a known snitch) as his manager 40 just trying to take him to court to get paid off this looser that swear he bad got knocked the fuk out by rosemo 700 had him killed cause he was about to exposed this gay male stripper as a birch that he is

  6. Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    FIrst off…he got an Obama tat on his stomach?

    Second you told on yourself when you taped the shit and showed it.

  7. thelaughingwiseman

    What better way to get pay back? Actually getting money out of it. I would do the same shit. I got my ass beat by chumps? Might as well get some compensation. And you get to have Game taken to court and arrested lol

  8. Fosho3528

    Isn’t he a little old to be incriminating himself on social media?? Doesn’t he have kids too? Stupid a** rappers. “Yeah I did it. Yeah I did it..” DUMMY. Not even the jewiest lawyer can get you out of that one. I get these rappers aren’t exactly brain surgeons but damn…

  9. Wolf Haylee

    This fuckery has got to stop, niggas be in a hurry the self-snitch. So you beat a dude up, posted the shit online (self-snitch), brag about it and play like you a super goon then, get posses when he sue’s you? You snitched on yourself you ignit nigga. He thought it was funny til 40 gloc dropped that 8 milly lawsuit on the ass, so gayme took a bigger L than 40 did.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      the game never posted it to look like some super goon … he posted it to expose the super goon 40 glocc

      • D_Ably

        if snitchin is snitchin then postin is postin regardless of reasons.

  10. ICallOUTAllRACES

    LOL! I don’t feel bad for 40. 40 Glocc was the notorious internet youtube thug picking on homeless men and bums. This some karma shit. When you look up the word INTERNET GANGSTER, you gone see 40. Game humbled his ass and beat the snot out that lame lol

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        youtube it 40 knocked out some random homeless guy cause he had a red rag

      • ICallOUTAllRACES

        Lol why u mad cuh….40 got the breaks beat off him on prime time tv…then he went master splinter on some rat court bs…40 holding that L fa life cuh…I’ll keep both ya brothas in prayers…pray he gets some street cred back….just have him beat up somebody in a wheel chair…it may help

  11. Brindle

    Ok, this is the definition on snitching. But then Game jumps on social media, of all places, to snitch on himself. I ain’t gonna limit either to being internet thugs cause they both have a lil pre-rap street Fred, but I will say BOTH of yall equally dumb.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      how is he snitching on himself when we already seen the fight on vid lol … if anything he snitched on 40 for being on that stand

      • Brindle

        the vid snitched on his actions, but the post snitched on his attitude behind the actions… they gonna make him pay 40…

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yall gotta realize the game is ok with paying him … its worth it to expose the dude 40glocc … the game is pretty well off … how?? i have no idea them movies he did must be paying off cause i dont think he moved alot of units on his last few projects .. but either way the game is ok with paying him in exchange for exposing 40glocc ………….. @least thats how i see it ……..

  12. Ty

    Game obviously settled with 40 Glocc hence him posting the pic and saying he beat his ass because 40 most likely agreed not to press charges on the ass beating he got. Game ain’t snitching on himself. Probably ~$50k lighter in the pocket but oh well, he can make that up in one show. 40 Glocc probably gonna end up buying a bunch of True Religions.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      hopefully 40 aint sell his soul for a light $50k LOL !! he better @least get a million out of that or @least six figures lol he still gotta pay the lawyers lol smh

    • Terrance

      Ha Ha… Funny you said that True Religion sh*t.

      I know a guy that got a 70k come up a while back.

      10k True Religions that can’t fit anymore
      10k Chain that he ended up pawnin’
      about 10k for a Mixtape
      over 15k for a whip that got repo’d
      over 15k on another whip that got repo’d

      The bread is gone and he is STILL in the Hood.

      Not clownin’ him but, DAMN HOMIE???

  13. hoeyuno

    40 glocc knows this lawsuit will kill his cred as a rapper but game shot down any hopes of 40 making real money with that beat down vid…Id sue to.

      • hoeyuno

        Right..he wasnt making millions but he was touring with G-Unit, mobb deep..

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        he wasnt around that time of the beat down … fif been stop affiliating with dude even mobb deep longgggg before that happen if im correct … and imo he was more Mobb than gunit … Spider Loc was the official Gunit crip i believe 40glocc rode that train as well as the mobb train to get in and stay in gunit as long as possible … but i think i did hear fif cosign him but it was maybe 1 time … fif def hasnt mentioned that guys name in a longggg time …

      • hoeyuno

        Yea 40 glocc was signed to Infamous back before Mobb got signed to G Unit..Spider loc was dope. I still check for him once in awhile..Hot Rod was the other West Sider from Phoenix I think…

  14. Lee Andrews

    I’m still trying to figure out, how NOT SNITCHING benefits unity and keeps down crime and violence in the Black Community.
    I still don’t understand, if you run your mouth in the street, or run the streets, how you gonna tell on a nigga when you’ve done just as much dirt as he has. Smh

  15. disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    Did dude tell on you to get less time for himself? If not then he didn’t snitch. Prolly needa call this something else than what it is!

    • hoeyuno

      I think when Game (a multi millon dollar pop star) posted that vid online to help his brand while killing 40s he made this shyt open ground for whatever.

  16. 大胆不敵なリーダー

    Snitchin to the cops and snitching for a cheque isn’t the same thing, 40 glocc better hope this gamble works out for him, or he’ll be back in the hood, a disgrace

      • 大胆不敵なリーダー

        Game already publicly admitted that he beat his ass, is it snitching if you talk about the situation after the accused already confessed? Its not snitching, the definition doesn’t even stretch that far. Sure it is grimy and despicable that a so called gangster, sues because he got his ass beat but snitching? naw

  17. Dope

    Game lost on this one, and he deserved it. Hope 40 gets as much money as possible just to punish Game’s stupidity.

    Damn, he’s well in his thirties, got kids and still he jumps on social media like a 12 year old, acting stupid and talking about no snitching (which in itself is a stupid idea) when he posted the video of the fight himself. 40 doesn’t even need to take a stand and you’ll have to pay him and that’s the best way to deal with the situation from 40 side.

    That ”no snitching” way would be to get a gun, a crew, run up on Game and somebody ends up dead and some kids fatherless.

      • Dope

        And that is why you will be a success in life.. you know, just like all hoodrats do.

    • NYG20

      Umad? 30’s is new 20’s. These are both gang members. The fact you expect anything from either of them is funny.

      • Guillaume Pilon

        only kids really think that rapperas are real gang members and dealers

        i guess you belive ross about the real noriega

      • willied

        Only dumb kids spell like you do.

        So you are saying that Snoop and the Dogg Pound, Suge Knight, Chief Keef, Jeezy, etc weren’t in gangs before becoming rappers? I see you really are a dumb kid.

      • Dope

        This behavior is stupid at any point in life, especially when Game is still a guy who can get a lot of money to live a different life yet chooses to act stupid and will complain ”the system is wrong” when his own stupidity catches up with him. You don’t see Jay, 50, Dre, Diddy etc.. doing this.

      • RealSpit

        So true!! It’s a IQ thing. Look at that idiot Suge. When he got out of jail after pac died he could of locked it down, instead he ran around doing stupid spit like following Diddy and Dre around talking slick and hating. When the idiot could of been on the level of a Russell Simmons or Jay z, but instead wasted all his energy doing stupid stuff. Now look where he’s at.

      • Dope

        Exactly. It’s pathetic how some of these people, who got a chance to not just live a normal life they never had, but to make much more than that, end up forever living the low life.

      • RealSpit

        You niggas sound so stupid with the “30’s is new 20’s” spit. 20 is 20 and 30 is 30 and 1 +1 = 2 If you over 25 and still gang banging you failed at life!! Evolve you dumb dumb

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      this is an exception big bad 40 was asking for it … its like Craig getting back @ debo punk a$$ … usually game is wrong in these cases but not this situation

      • Dope

        I know he was asking for it so no sympathy for him, but Game is simply being dumb right now and that stupidity should be punished so maybe he’ll learn something.

  18. Ray

    Look, what Game is doing is childish, but you have to remember the only reason anyone knows 40 glocc, is from running up on niggas and punking them. It’s only right that Game handled him.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      def this is onetime i have to agree with the bs…. game put the beats on someone who was calling for it and now this same dude is in court talking that bs … it makes you think he was trolling from the beginning trying to come up off a celebrity

    • JMO713

      Sometimes u gotta handle people a certain way, especially bullies! I caught a case for standing up for my child at school that was about to get jumped..u think I give a damn about a fine and a charge on my record?? F*ck no! It’s about the principal that u not gonna do and say what you want and get away with it! I mighta got slapped on the wrist but it was worth scaring the shit outa somebody!

  19. Gap Tooth Bruce

    Um……Cant really say bra snitched you filmed it and put it out to the world he just getting paid off your dumb ass move……Checkmate blood!

      • Gap Tooth Bruce

        I mean frfr he could have just whooped his ass not filmed it and he wouldn’t be getting sued by this hoe ass nigga now but nooooo… Game want praise from the streets like hey look what i did world now he gotta cough up dat bread he hot…dumb shit if ya ask me but hey niggas built different across the globe!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i feel you if that was games tru intentions … but game isnt known for taping beat downs … but 40 glocc was …. the game imo was just giving 40 a taste of his own medicine … i dont think the game did it for the gram as people say today or for attention or to make himself look like some super thug …

  20. BostonBoi617

    shoutout my nigga Game for doing “whatever he did” to this faggot “40 glocc” cant wait to see you in Boston March 8th the show is goin to be on firrre blood. 1

  21. Obi Won

    Rappers these days smh. 40 put himself in a position where he had to choose. Stay real, don’t sue and be broke, or take his rival to court say forget about street cred and get paid. He looks pathetic in that pic like he know what he’s doing is against code, BUT he’s super broke and that his only come up.
    Kids should take heed to this stupid situation, especially ones that look up to these corny ass rappers. 40 went out on a limb to expose other rappers for their true identity, and then got caught slipping making him look like a weak clown from here to china.

  22. Saiyan Prince

    Just to play Devil’s advocate, I see many people keep saying that these dudes are too old for this nonsense. But do supposed gangsters ever get “too old”? I mean Mafia members live that life until they are senior citizens. Mexican Cartel cats aren’t spring chickens. In no way am I saying that dudes should keep perpetuating the BS, but when dudes say “Thug Life”, many of them mean the LIFE part.

    • coldPissa

      Yeah but those are actual gangsters, these guys like Game are entertainers that use to be petty street thugs at the most

  23. The Arsonist

    Game gotta stop fronting, he had 5 other Niggaz off camera 40 Glocc was by himself, not saying 40 coulda have smashed Game in a fade but Game is acting like it was a 1 on 1 situation, I tell you what though iGame did that to a dude who wasnt strapped and out numbered. On top of that Game never ever got this tough when Dresta got at him because he knows better. Check out Dresta “Why Me” on Youtube. He just needs to get his money and stop with the street ish, because somebody is gonna cap him one day.

      • The Arsonist

        Dresta and Knoccout are real G’s from compton not just rap dudes and the streets know it, Game quietly apologized to Dresta and made sure that beef was squashed.


        Game always tryin to be cool wit the ni99az that can really make sh!t go.

    • Super_Hero

      Since when did gangsters fight 1 on 1. 40 is not a punk because he got jumped. he is a punk because he talks all that killa stuff then sues. There are no fair ones in the streets. if 40 had a gun like he always says in his raps, 5 dudes would be 5 dudes who ran.


      It is funny I am born and raised in L.A. (inner city) and see Game all the time but the guys around him don’t be lookin like they on that sh!t.

    • JMO713

      Intelligent? So ur assuming a dude that was selling crack and got shot in his own crib, then went to be rap superstar is intelligent..dont think so lol. I woulda taped it too if it adds to my street cred, just to prove a point this guy is a bitch. Even if he has to pay a lil money, that shit will be chump change!

      • JMO713

        Oh I’m sorry..I didn’t realize you used to be his roommate to know whether or not he ever sold crack in his life or not?!? I’m not just talking about the story we have all saying I’m sure he sold crack at least once in his life being in the drug game and in a gang..

      • Zach Lee

        I didn’t realize u was there to record every street stat this nigga ever had foh lame

      • JMO713

        Now you know! I know you have no stats to report..lame(in my girly Zach Lee voice) lol

      • Your Dog Needs Training.

        I don’t think you clearly understood my statement bro.

        I said which intelligent dude will do such and such? There seems to be some misunderstanding in your interpretation mate.


        You really think Game got money like that?? Because he seemed pretty mad with that instagram post.

  24. Markus

    Game seems to be going down the same road that Suge went. He’s been getting more press for fighting and beefs than the quality of his music lately. And for me dude hasn’t been good since his debut so maybe more focus on his career and less attention to being a tough guy should be the way to go.

    • JMO713

      Game’s sales have been consistent and has had more than one #1 album debuts..cant say the same about 40 Glocc or is foe 50 Cent/GUnit that got destroyed lol.

      • Obi Won

        I thought 50/G-Unit fell off like every other group in the business, and 40 was never here to begin with.

      • Ipullcards

        All of 50’s solo albums debuted at no.1.. ??? And games singles on the first album 50 wrote. U sound like a stan bro. Respectfully

      • JMO713

        50’s best work was on his 1st album and Game’s 1st album. SALES and general interest for 50 fell off hard!!! His last release went double wood lmao! 50 is a joke musically! Game is still relevant, has highly anticipated albums and mixtapes, highly spun collabs! I ain’t no Stan either, 50’s/Dre’s 1st album/collabo was fire..50 started writing himself and getting other producers was his downfall..he fell off hard and that’s undeniable! If it wasn’t for Vitamin Water, 50 would be like the rest of GUnit..starving for a deal! Game ain’t got 50 Cent money but he has more music biz accolades and hits than 50 that’s for sure!

      • Keyser Soze

        Soooo game has more music business accolades than fifty!?… You sure you wanna ride with that!?..

      • JMO713

        I really don’t care who has more of what either way..neither put $$ in my pockets! I just know I dont support 50 cause he is what you call a “hoe-ass-nigga” that treats people like shit, steps over family and friends, and snitches to the feds about old drug kingpins and he used to be a drug dealer himself. What a p*ssy!

      • Keyser Soze

        Lol… And I bet you’re just a real guy who would tell him that to his face???…To say you don’t care you sound hurt… To each it’s own… I respect your opinion… Shalom brother…

      • Super_Hero

        Game has an anticipated album? That is why he had to do reality TV. His music isn’t selling. Last time I heard, he was begging to join Cash Money when they was hot. Now that Lil Wayne wants out, I bet Game isn’t begging anymore. He is like a groupie going from click to click.

      • JMO713

        Lol, Cash Money’s run is about DONE! You lyin to yoself if u think people not checkin for that Documentary 2! If you believe that, u must still believe in Santa lol. Have u had ur “Hate Shot” this month lol?? Hey that show was just promotion for that Year of theWolf that was actually alright..not a classic by far, but it was ok.


        What label is The Documentary 2 coming out on??? That CD will sound like all his other ones.


        I personally like The Massacre better that sh!t still go to this date. The Hunger for More was also a good album.

      • Ipullcards

        You’re entitled bro. But fact remains all of 50’s albums are plat. If not multiplatnium. And he made game, well gunit made him famous rather. Cause he was already signed to interscope (westscope) and was shelved for 2 years until he broke with gunit. All im saying. Not to mention 50 press wise, business wise & music wise to an extent, is still way more popular and relevant then Jayceon. This time the student hasnt outdid the teacher..


        50 is definitely transcending into something larger. I mean his son just made 700 racks.


        “Games sales has been constant??” His last album only went 20,000 copies

  25. Carlos Andrade

    Jimmy the snitch henchmen bought all gaymes albums with his drug money to make gunit look bad in album sales #facts


        Man listen Jimmy was and maybe still is a force to be reckon wit, but he is a RAT. When you get caught trafficking sh!t unless you are snitchin on dirty cops just plead out and pay the price.

  26. Carlos Andrade

    Jmo713 find out who 50 put in jail then I’ll believe that’s his a snitch other than that shut the fuk up

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