T.I. & Shekinah Beefing Again? T.I. Kicks Her Off Family Hustle?

Photo via T.I.’s Instagram

It’s seems as if T.I. and Shekinah will NEVER get along. T.I. is no stranger to hurling public insults at his wife Tiny’s best friend Shekinah. As usual Shekinah always claps back at both T.I. and those who want to talk reckless on her Instagram page. Shekinah recently posted a picture of her FaceTiming Floyd Mayweather who also happened to get into it with T.I. in Vegas Last year. The Instagram instigator fans of course had something to say asking Shekinah where her loyalty was. Shekinah let fans know that T.I. is not her friend and that Mayweather treats her with respect unlike Tip. She also revealed that T.I. kicked her off the show last year while apologizing to her fans that didn’t know. Poor Tiny lol. Was T.I. too harsh for kicking his wife’s bestie off the show? Is Shekinah going to far going in on her best friend’s husband? Check out some of the IG post below.






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