Eff Yoo – "Papa Dios" (Album Stream)

Eff Yoo’s blend of braggadocios rhymes, intellect and imagination bring shine to, Papa Dios. Whereas some tracks, such as the album’s opener, “The First Power”, followed by, “Lust In Eden”, give off a more laid back vibe, others such as the cinematic “This Is The End” and “Don’t Blame The Messengers”, prove that Eff isn’t afraid to deliver his wrath to the critics and haters. Combined, the ten track offering bravely showcase Eff’s lyrical depth and poetic genius. Papa Dios includes guest features from the likes of Tragedy Khadafi, Thirstin Howl III, Nems, Spit Gemz, Born Unique and Godilla. Stream “Papa Dios” below and/or purchase through Bandcamp courtesy of Platformz Records to support the artist.

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