Former N.W.A Manager Jerry Heller Speaks On "Straight Outta Compton" Biopic (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) Later this year, Paul Giamatti will star as former N.W.A manager Jerry Heller in the biopic about the legendary Hip Hop group. The real life Heller has now spoken out about Straight Outta Compton. The 74-year-old longtime entertainment insider discussed the film and more with the Murder Master Music Show.

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On his feelings about the movie:

I haven’t seen anything yet. I am waiting until the movie comes out, and I will be there in the front row with my lawyer and looking to make sure it is an accurate movie. They didn’t reach out to me at all to give any kind of advice, insight, or background, so it’s hard for me to believe that they got it right…

I didn’t expect them to [consult with me], because that’s the way that they are. I certainly thought that Universal, Warner Bros,or one of their companies would insist on it. I am really shocked that, even though they didn’t reach out, somebody didn’t reach out.

On whether Giamatti contacted him about portraying him:

I am sure that somebody told him not to do it. I am sure they told him to stay away. They can’t write me out of it, but they can sure re-write it. If it is accurate then I’m a fan like everybody else. If it’s not accurate, I’m not going to sit back and let them say whatever they want.

On Dr. Dre and Ice Cube:

I have never seen Cube anywhere since the day he left Ruthless. I never saw him anywhere – at a Laker game or a Dodger game. I never saw him again. I’ve seen Dre a couple of times. His mother lives a few streets away, so I see her all the time. I used to see him once in awhile. We were always pleasant to each other. I’d run into him at the gas station or whatever. We always tried to be pleasant and superficial whenever I saw him. I got nothing against Dre. I think Dre is the most talented guy of the entire rap era.

On DJ Speed:

He was never in N.W.A. He was a gopher. He took Eric’s [Eazy-E] laundry in. He was a friend of Eric’s. I just found out from Vinnie Caruso that he got in trouble and Eric fired him. He was never a member of N.W.A. All the years I knew Eric, I probably ran into Speed two or three times. He talked s**t about me all the time like he knows something. He’s just a punk. He had nothing to do with N.W.A.

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Listen to Jerry Heller’s interview below.

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54 Responses to “Former N.W.A Manager Jerry Heller Speaks On "Straight Outta Compton" Biopic (AUDIO)”

  1. A.P. Millz-CT

    Lmaooooooo!! He said he is going to be in the front row with his lawyer!! Lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. The Notorious GUNS

    I think Jerry is bitter because all the members/families of the group are getting bread off this project & he is not seeing a dime. That is until he & his lawyer decides to cook up a lawsuit. You can almost tell by his answer he’s looking for ANY kind of come up off this NWA movie. The likelihood the movie will be whole truth, with no dramatization whatsoever is slim. I foresee a “for-the-fuck-of-it” lawsuit.


      That’s anti-semitic. Let’s be politically correct here. You’re only allowed to attack his whiteness. I’ll have this site shut down. You’ve been warned.

  3. jacksjus

    That’s crazy how they can just write him in without his permission. Here is to the hopes that they get it right and don’t wind up getting sued for everything they make.


    ‘Get rid of that devil real simple, put a bullet in his temple, cos you can’t be the nig** for life crew with a white jew telling you what to do’ Ice Cube.

  5. Q.

    On a permanent vacation
    Off the Massa plantation
    Heard you both got the same bank account
    Dumb n!gga, what you thinkin’ ’bout?
    Get rid of that Devil real simple
    Put a bullet in his temple
    ‘Cuz you can’t be the Nigga 4 Life crew
    With a white Jew tellin’ you what to do
    Pullin’ wools with your scams
    Now I gotta play the Silence of the Lambs
    With a midget who’s a punk too
    Tryin’ to fvck me, but I’d rather fvck you
    Eric Wright, punk, always into somethin’
    Gettin’ fvcked at night
    By Mista Sh!tpacker
    Bend over for the goddamn cracker, no Vaseline


      • Q.

        Death Certificate is a CLASSIC. Lethal Injection wasn’t as solid, but had some hitters too. Cube went downhill after that.

      • Dark Matters

        Ghetto Bird was a smash. Speaking of Lethal Injection, I didn’t really feel the rest of the album from my recollection.

      • Q.

        Really Doe, You Know How We Do It, and Bop Gun were bangers. The other joints weren’t classics per se, but had content.

      • Dark Matters

        I’ll have to listen to it again. I remember being put off by the album largely because it jumped on the p funk bandwagon, but didn’t really do it as well as Dre n em were doing it.

      • Dark Matters

        Shit I’m on Cave Bitch, right now. Fack, the shit is sick. I overlooked quite a bit.

      • Q.

        Cave B!tch was never my favorite beat wise, but it thumps, and the message was hard as it gets. …I thought the funk sound on the album was official, since Cube brought the OG George Clinton on board…Cool how Kendrick reached back and did the same.

  6. RealSpit

    I want to see the movie, but the best rapper in NWA to me was MC Ren. Seems the movie is focused on Eazy, Cube and Dre and not Ren and Yella.

    • Dark Matters

      Ren definitely had the tightest flow, a great voice and a greater mastery of the technicalities of the poetry in rap. However, in terms of social impact/relevance it was Cube all day.

  7. Lem

    Isn’t the fact of him seeing the movie, the same as suing himself? He buys a ticket, the ticket supports the movie, he sues the movie he just watched and gets his money back… That’s a long ass refund. Lol… 😐

  8. mouth to paper

    Speed is a joke! A friend of Eric’s? He had a lot of “neighborhood friends” why is this chump even bein’ mentioned in this interview…who r u?

  9. Benjamin Jimenez

    I used to listen to N.W.A. when I was in high school, but I never knew any of this drama was going on. I just liked the beats.

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