Hannibal Buress Talks Becoming Famous & Receiving Backlash From Bill Cosby Rape Allegation Jokes

(AllHipHop News) Hannibal Buress had reached a modest level of success in the entertainment business in recent years. He was a writer for 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live, appeared on Comedy Central’s Broad City and Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show, and released three well-received comedy albums.

But Buress did not become a household name until video of him joking about rape allegations against Bill Cosby went viral. That clip led to the downfall of a comedic giant.

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The 32-year-old Chicago native spoke with The Fader for the magazine’s cover story. Buress discussed his new-found fame and the response he received for going after Cosby.

“It was just weird, man,” he says. “It was just weird to see people talk s**t about you. I saw people I thought I was cool with bashing me online. People were writing me. It was a weird thing. I had somebody from high school write me on Facebook like, ‘Oh congrats—I saw you on Inside Edition.’ I’ve been on television for eight years,” he chuckles. Then he abruptly stops. “Yeah. I was not excited to be on Inside Edition. It had me a little weird about fame and all that stuff. I was feeling weird about show business in general.”

Buress is next set to star in his own Comedy Central show. Why? With Hannibal Buress is scheduled to premiere July 8th on the home of The Daily Show, South Park, and Key & Peele.

“It’s like Weeds meets Breaking Bad meets Chelsea Lately.” The network, he adds, isn’t going to love that description.

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