Wale Discusses If Hip Hop Could Accept A Gay Rapper & The State Of The Music Industry (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) With the success of Empire and the focus on its running theme of homophobia in Hip Hop, the conversation about homosexual performers in the culture has become a mainstream topic. Maybach Music Group’s Wale was interviewed by the legendary Larry King, and “The Matrimony” performer was asked if a gay rapper could be accepted by the rap community.

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“I think so. I think 2015 is another world as compared to 1995. I mean everything is different,” said Wale. “We got a black president. I would think there would be a gay rapper before a black president. It’s socially accepted. It’s like taboo to speak bad on the gay community now.”

Another transition taking place in the industry is the rise of streaming. 2014 saw revenues from streaming surpass revenues from CD sales for the first time ($1.87 billion to $1.85 billion). Wale addressed the changing climate of the business.

“Music is actually in a weird place right now, because you got the streaming. You got iTunes, Spotify, now Jay Z has Tidal,” Wale stated. “We’re not really going to know the significance of the place we’re in right now for like the next ten years.”

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Watch Wale’s interview below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eucvjdYrs6w]

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