Dame Dash Launches His Entertainment Seminar Program Poppington Academy (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) “Everyone’s gonna be a boss,” echoes Dame Dash’s voice in a new promo video for Poppington Academy. The mogul that has kept his name in the headlines in recent weeks is looking to pass on information about the entertainment business to others through his new seminar program.

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Dame has not announced many details about Poppington Academy. At the moment, its website just offers the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter and to enroll in the course with a $500 PayPal payment.

Poppington Academy’s Instagram page suggests some top-notch individuals from the music, film, and fashion industries are involved in the workshops. “Special guests” are expected to be announced in the coming weeks with the opening seminar starting April 22.

Our facility is our studio. Our creative producers are our faculty. We have some of the best in-house creatives in the game! We have produced platinum records, award winning films and some of the dopest fashion in the world. Come learn and network with [Poppington Academy].

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Check out IG posts from Poppington Academy and Dame Dash and the promo video for Poppington Academy below.

@hip_hop_motivator will be at @poppacademy by the way enroll now

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22 Responses to “Dame Dash Launches His Entertainment Seminar Program Poppington Academy (VIDEO)”


    Dame’s NO different than a corporation trying to capitalize off of the blood, sweat & tears of the poor! Instead of giving the information away for free & organizing the youth, Dame is once again offering a “subjective” service (meaning it has NO actual value away from what Dame says it’s value is) that really doesn’t offer anything at all except the suggestion of being pointed in the right direction! Dame needs to stop all of these scams & start being real with himself! He looks WEAK & like an opportunist out here with these dinosaur business-models trying to take advantage of people over the web! FOH

    • Your Dog Needs Training.

      Bro, Dame was never much different from corporations in the first place, he was never a charity.

      Putting rappers on meant that he saw the potential of them earning him money assuming that they were marketable. Do you think Kanye and others were put on for the fun of it, far from it. He saw the potential of them earning him a fortune.

      Capitalizing from the blood sweat and tears or fears happens every day we see it all around its called marketing.

      If he believes that he has a skill to teach that others can go on to make money from then he has the right to charge for it. But if you ask me whether he’s justified to give a lecture on how to run a successful business I WILL SAY NO. He is all air in my opinion.

      People pay to go to uni / college and I see nothing wrong with someone charging to teach a skill as long as they are credible.

      On the other hand bro, I hear what you saying he says one thing and does another. That’s Dame for you.

    • TruthTalk

      Ever heard of the game is to be sold not told???? Ever heard of the saying time is money????? Ever seen the lines for $300 Jordan’s that cost $3 to make??? But dudes won’t pay $500 to better their futures….

  2. MrNoName2K

    For what its worth, Im sure he got some pretty interesting thins to say and point of views but not no damn $500 worth lol miss ME with that bullsh*t..hustlin a*s n*gga..1

    • Your Dog Needs Training.

      $500 is nothing mate, I’ve dropped $1000,s for mentorship and seminars, but only with the right people.

      If you’re dropping any amount of money for a lecture or course make sure the person you’re paying the money to is up to scratch.

      If you ask me if Dame is up to scratch the answer will be NO. Doing business the Dame Dash way will only end up one way.

  3. bigdoe6

    Let me be the first to say i donn’t see what the problem with the price Why? Because whatever you do in life is a investment. Think about it you got guys making beats and buying all this expensive studio equipment and never get a hit record, but they still made a investment. For those who saying the won’t pay it are the same people who camp out for Jordans and Yeezys. Yea $500 is lot, but i rather learn from a guy that did it hands on and who can actually teach me something. With risk comes reward, so $500 isn’t that much if you plan to learn and do business. This might not make much sense to small minded people.

    • Your Dog Needs Training.

      Agree to a certain extent, but I’d rather pay someone who knows what they are talking about and Dame is not really 100% qualified, if you want to learn how to commit commercial kamikaze then Dame is the right person for that, if you need to learn about how to be successful in the industry there are other peeps that can teach you how to have longevity in the business.

      Peeps don’t understand that in life its a pay to play arena, you want to learn a skill you have to pay for it one way or another, some peeps just don’t see any value in paying to acquire wisdom and those are the ones that get left behind.

      I’m not really going to knock anyone I was once like that until I discovered the value of paying a mentor who offered guidance and support and it paid off and continues to do so. But word of advise make sure that whoever you pay is qualified to teach the skill that you’re looking to learn and not just full of gas otherwise you’ll be chucking money down the drain.

      • bigdoe6

        Dame built one the most Iconic Hip-Hop labels of all time. How do you even fixed your mouth to say he’s not qualified. You know what? Don’t even bother replying to me. You don’t count. So if you saying Dame doesn’t qualify, then that means Jay-z doesn’t either. Some of you cats are just corny.

      • Your Dog Needs Training.

        I’m struggling to understand you fella. I’m sure you’re a very intelligent guy whose statement may hold some substance in his own mind but you seem to have a problem expressing yourself without being abusive,

        On the other hand you sound a lot like dame already, no need for you to attend his seminar then. LOL. This is how to commit social kamikaze as he does. Was that in module 1 of the course ?

        Let me ask you a question, is there any logic in spitting venom at someone just because they have a different opinion?

        Listen up my main man, I’ve learnt a lot from peeps on this site when they’ve made me see things though a different pair of lens may be you could too, but you may want to get someone to translate your comment for you be sure to cut and paste it when they’re done.



  4. Mec-One

    He better have a line up of accredited business professionals with stellar resumes & credentials of entrepreneurship.

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