Charli Baltimore- “Bed Full Of Money” Teaser

Grammy Award-nominated rapper Charli Baltimore is redefining all, that true Hip-Hop embodies. The Philadelphia native is no stranger to success, and has always carried a mystique about her that has kept Hollywood at bay. With the look of a runway model and lyrical finesse that confidently boasts an unapologetic delivery, it’s more than apparent that Charli Baltimore is arguably one of the great lyricists in female rap. So far removed from the cookie-cutter female rappers that are emulated carbon copies of one another, Baltimore is true to her artistry and more importantly true to herself and her loyal fan base aka the B-More’s.

With a new hit single and new recording label in tow, Baltimore is truly setting the standard and being quite the example. Charli’s new record “Bed Full of Money”, released on BMB Records, is taking off rather quickly and seemingly impresses the masses in a way that only Charli can. Check out the teaser below.


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