Fitz- She’s My Music


I know what you’re thinking. Another rapper from New York. If you’re anything like me, whenever you hear the preceding phrase, you automatically recoil in horror. Most often these movements are involuntary, and have something to do with a slew of New York rappers that generate a lot of buzz in the beginning but end never making it past a couple thousand views on DatPiff. Even though New York is the birthplace of this music we love, the lack of innovation in recent years have sidelined a once proud coast. Metaphors and punchlines can only get you so far in 2015 (unless you are Styles P, Fab, or Jadakiss)– there has to be substance to the music these days, or at least versatility.

Speaking of versatility, I haven’t heard much from Fitz, but he seems to inherently understand this principle. Fitz is a rapper from Brooklyn, NY who uses his charismatic and romantic personality and fuses it with his music. He performed for many venues including the 2013 Panama Day Parade, NYC Coat Drive events, and Concrete Temple Fundraisers. With his music, he hopes to help people enjoy life and love through his witty and “out-of-the-box” banter.

Notice, no trigger talk. No talk of officers in unmarked cars. No huge reliance on the sound of another coast to make the music accessible to the masses. The reason why I chose to pen this article about Fitz is largely due to the reasons above, but it is refreshing when an MC is less concerned about oozing cool rather than crafting material that audiences can relate to. You can check out Fitz’s latest single for “She’s My Music” and make sure to track his movements on the interwebs.


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