12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Has Still Not Buried

The 12-year-old boy  that was shot and killed by a police officer in Cleveland back in November has still not been laid to rest. According to published reports, Tamir Rice has not been buried.

It’s reported that his mother, Samaria Rice, has struggled to pay the $18,000 fee for the memorial service held last December. Also, it was not clear whether the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office wanted to re-examine Tamir’s body again due to an ongoing investigation.

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The civil lawsuit that Ms. Rice wants to go forward with against the two police officers involved in her son’s killing is on hold because the County Sheriff’s Department is conducting an independent investigation.

Tamir was fatally shot after police mistook him for being armed as he played with a toy gun at a local Cleveland park on Nov. 22nd.

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