Drake To Murda Mook : “See Surf Before You See Me”

"You gotta beat Surf 1st b4 you get to me" -Drake #NOME5 @champagnepapi

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Who would have ever thought that Drake would be into rap battles? Last night, the Toronto rap star was in New York City for the “Night of Main Events 5”, an event hosted by the popular battle rap league Smack/URL. When the someone asked Drake what were the chances of him battling rapper Murda Mook, Drake replied “you gotta be Surf first”. Drake is referring to the Trenton, New Jersey rapper Tsu Surf. Before Drake’s taunt, there have been rumors that Mook and Drake would be square off in a rap battle, even to the point where people thought it would happen. However, Drake hasn’t been able to participate due to corporate obligations, according to BattleRap.com. Will this battle ever happen? Only time will tell.

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