FRESH HEAT – Young Goldie – “No Problems”

Growing up in Sandtown, faced with the same scrutiny that Freddie Gray faced, with his city on fire and the streets in a state of disarray, B-More rapper Young Goldie has emerged from the rubble and ashes as one of the city’s hottest talents. Bred in the inner city of Baltimore, Young Goldie never lost hope of achieving his dreams of musical success, and things ultimately came to fruition after releasing the visuals to his track “I Did It I Do It” which got 20k views on YouTube. Amidst his popular video, he quickly saw his Instagram develop to over 27,000 organic followers and at only 19 years old, this Baltimore rap phenomenon was thown into the world of urban stardom with a few YouTube songs.

Early in his career Young Goldie was introduced to award winning Baltimore singer and actor Mario and his world began to change as Mario mentored him and gave him the encouragement to keep chasing his dreams. In the fall of 2014, Young Goldie was discovered by music executive Tony Austin, which ultimately lead him to being signed to Austin Music Group. Check out what they youngin has to offer, he’s got a nice flow.


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