Ghostface Killah & Pras Show Love to New App, Spit16

As “life-long” supporters of Hip-Hop’s music and culture Mani Mahjouri, a graduate of M.I.T. and Wiz, a former professional basketball player,  have teamed up to create the ingenious and free app, Spit16. The burgeoning platform grants talented people across the globe the opportunity to upload one minute clips of them demonstrating their talent to a social media site, giving  them access to a worldwide audience.

At Spit16’s New York City launch party, multi-platinum lyricist, Pras, one-third of the legendary group, The Fugees, spoke about the emerging app’s ability to innovate the Hip-Hop genre. He offers, “I think it’s incredible for this generation, because, you know, we’re in a social media world right now. And now everybody can get out their sixteens out, whereas before, when I grew up we listened to Stretch Armstrong, and now everybody can put up their sixteens and the whole world can get a glimpse of it.

Ghostface Killah affirms, “That’s family right there,” referencing his relationship with the Staten Island reared Wiz.  So, it was simple to demonstrate unwavering support for the emerging application. Check it out here.