MURS on Signing to Strange Music: It Helped Me Focus & Create My Best Work to Date

Effortlessly condensing life’s circumstances into resonating bars, Nick “MURS” Carter, has learned to astutely control the microphone. Combining the lessons learned from an inherent entrepreneurial spirit with that of a humble student mentality has yielded tangible success in the form of his latest project, Have A Nice Life.

Sentiment wrapped in sincerity,  MURS offers candid insight on his transition to Strange Music, and reveals although it’s been a bit of a “pay cut,” the organic showman’s art has benefited from the move. When probed about his latest project, which drops on May 18 he offered, “This is my favorite album and my best work to date. I don’t think I could have done any better. I didn’t hold anything back. I challenged myself; I pushed myself as far as I can.”

The condensed clip reflects MURS’ thoughts on array of subjects such as signing to Strange Music, such as why he doesn’t view his Strange peers as lyrical competitors, and such as why he considers this his best work to date.



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