Did Krayzie Bone Take A Jab At Young Thug?

Since a lot of today’s music seems to lack substance, quality, and that timeless feel, it is quite entertaining to see Krayzie Bone take a jab at Young Thug. Let’s be serious, Young Thug will never make anything close to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony quality.

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88 Responses to “Did Krayzie Bone Take A Jab At Young Thug?”


    KRAYZIE got that INDIE POWER! BONE makes songs that last, Thug & these ‘cartoon rappers’ these days are outdated a month late…. disposable! EMPOWER!

  2. Anthony Mason

    Krayzie Bone is awesome.

    Have any of you heard has album Gemini: Good vs Evil from back in 2005? If so, do you not agree that “Don’t Know Why” and “Nuthin’ But Music” are hardcore as hell? The beats on those 2 songs are so amazing.

    The album had no push behind it so it flopped on the charts and was mainly downloaded from free P2P sites when they were still up and running.

      • ll3acdafukup

        One thing for sure.. Young Thug will not talk sideways like he has to some of the others Krayzie aint to be played with.

      • david

        He had a video singing Young Thug’s lyrics in Vegas

      • Anthony Mason

        Please tell me that isn’t so. Young thug doesn’t have lyrics.

        He has mumbled diatribes about money and worthless objects you can’t take with you when you die.

  3. bubbylana

    Ain’t no diss. They from two different eras. Both of them on the track would sound like a circus but Krayzie would murk dude with the fast flow

    • Anthony Mason

      I don’t give a f*** about an era. These rappers are either good or not. I would recommend you to not giving dumb new niggas passage based on eras.

      If you want to talk about eras, then why is DJ premier still tearing up the radio waves with Royce? He is still relevant no? Exactly…..

      • bubbylana

        Preemo is preemo. The DJ will never go outta style. But that’s neither here nor there we are talking bout a rap group from the 90’s to today’s bizarre circus act. Krayzie bone can flow no doubt but let’s see what he could do with a 808 mafia or a metroboomin beats the newest hottest beats out. They pioneered rapping and harmonizing these new rappers today do the same shit. None of these old RAPPERS are doing shit nationwide rather just in their own cities and over seas These old niggaz be scared to put out a mixtape! That’s real talk.

      • Anthony Mason

        I agree with you on the mixtape comment. Once these old artists got money, they invested or splurged. They don’t want to give anything for free.

        To be honest with you, these old artists don’t put music out because they aren’t inspired anymore. The beats are whack and the rappers on top don’t even have a GED.

      • Anthony Mason

        He has the skills of a mentally handicapped person and he is a lean addict.

        Anyone who is perpetually takes that stuff has a reduced sex drive and feels like a zombie. Ladies……… if you want to a real man, never listen to his music or give him attention.

        You might meet a normal person like me who can actually walks the walk and talks the talk. Just saying.

      • bubbylana

        Well if that’s the case your living in the past Last thing I heard was a cashin out freestyle by krayzie bone. Wassup with a mixtape . This nigga young thug just dropped 70 songs. Garbage or not If bodies of work are being produced it wouldn’t be none of this shade. Niggaz really gon sit there and front on shit cuz he a new nigga . Like bone thugs was on a PAC level … get outta here even PAC rolled on they ass for being so called THUGZ

      • Guillaume Pilon

        Couples years ago

        lil b dropped a 100 tracks mixtape…and it was garbafe…quantity and quantity 2 differents things

      • bubbylana

        Lil B is a rap clown troll. Young thugs songs are all different approaches . Don’t nobody else sound like him. Some may argue that he’s biting off Wayne but he got his own shit going. Lil B started the whole adlibb whoops and shit but most of songs are deliberately made to annoy you and just to say I made 100 songs. 2 different dudes although allhiphop would put them in the same category LOL

      • Anthony Mason

        He is a rich troll. Unfortunately, there are people paid to antagonize me on this website because I say too many relevant and insightful things.

        There are literally people who get paid to dispense misinformation.

        Lil B is the least of your worries. The anti Christ is probably going to appear in the next 10 years. There is also a great disaster coming before that……I didn’t say that to scare you but to prepare you.

      • Anthony Mason

        Ask me how I know? I just know. Think of me as an advocate and never an enemy……

    • Celz

      Notorious Thugs was dope.. One of Biggie’s best songs.. The simple fact that one of the greats can black out, GO FIRST.. And then your group still keeps the legendary pace that was set.. Jay E., Kendrick, and J. Cole would have to think twice before jumping on that track period.. The fucc could Young Thug do on there besides his homoerotic cat scratching..

      • bubbylana

        Nigga biggie killed them niggaz on they own shit. They are pioneers , OGS no doubt but definitely not top 10 . They had some good songs like first of the month e.1999 Ak-47 mo Murda and they kinda were the first ones to rap and harmonize. Fast forward to today rappers rapping and harmonizing. And on another note, bizzy bone was borderline sweet, and it was already put out there by other members of the group that he got raped by his uncle. So dont go reaching yellin homo bout young thug when this nigga buzzy factually got fucked in his ass.

      • Celz

        So you comparing a nicca who was molested to a nicca who sells out his own manhood by doing gay publicity stunts? Nicca you sound suspect foh young nicca.. Ya skinny jeans is too tight.. Smh..

      • bubbylana

        Nigga ain’t factually get fucked in his ass. If niggaz wanna sit their and feed into this media frenzy that this young thug character entertains for yall niggaz then do that but yAll might as well blow all the shit outta purportion. I don’t agree with that fag shit, so I don’t pay attention to these dudes lives I pay attention to what they’re doing musically. Period. %100 of the rap game could be a ACT but music is music. Bone thugs were not no thugs that’s real talk from of their former bodyguards

      • Celz

        I’m not even a fan of Bone Thugs lol.. All I said was they have made historic music and they are way better than Young Thug.. Both are true.. Dudes music sucks, his own fans don’t buy it.. And he pulls gay stunts for publicity.. That’s gayer than actually being gay..

      • bubbylana

        Ain’t nothing gayer than actually being gay except maybe being a downlow , but we done had Michael Jackson prince Rick James George Clinton all highly successful in other genres but when it comes to being a weirdo in rap a nigga is beyond gay and despised lol

      • Celz

        Frank Ocean was never made fun of… The difference is Young Thug sells his sexuality for publicity.. Frank Ocean doesn’t joke about him being gay, Raz B doesn’t joke about him being molested. Lil B is just weird. Young Thug jokes about his sexuality, then wants niccas to take him serious. He’s a clown.. And why are you defending him?

      • Celz

        And the phrase is reading comprehension.. I said they held their own A SONG.. Why the fucc are you bringing up top ten.. And albums.. Like young thug has ever made any top ten list or a decent album.. Put ya pom poms down..

      • bubbylana

        I read what u said correctly fool and I said they got killed on their OWN track . with their OWN flow at that. Them niggaz was just there. You wanna bring that shit up like that holds some kinda weight with today’s rappers nigga Kendrick would easily hold his own he has proven that jay electronica? How would he not hold his own maybe not on that beat.

    • Anthony Mason

      Krayzie Bone is not only one of the fastest rappers in the world but he is an excellent story teller.

      I am telling Everyone right now GO AND DOWNLOAD “Don’t Know Why” off his album Gemini: Good vs Evil.

      Get that song, put it on a CD or plug your mp3 player in and turn up the volume really loud. If you smoke, light up a J too.

    • brotha_man

      i think he needs to address ASAP Ferg. I would think bone would have issue with him….im mean they did try to ether twista and do or die. young thug wont be around long enough for any beef to be relevant

      • hoeyuno

        That bizzy bone and twista song “money” is crazy dope!
        What happened with Ferg though?

      • brotha_man

        idk out of all the ASAP Cats hes the only one i can tolerate

      • david

        What addressing is needed with Ferg? They already collaborated with him, the entire ASAP Mob states Bone as a major influence, and Bone have shouted them out before too.

      • brotha_man

        dont for get screwston, tx. there is influencing and there is jacking. ASAP out here robbing folks

    • Anthony Mason

      People can’t understand constant jibberish. His music is an assult on people’s musical sensibilities.

      • david

        But.. Bizzy Bone’s early stuff is even harder to understand than Young Thug

      • Anthony Mason

        Not quite. You need a brain transplant.

        “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”
        – Herman Melville

    • Anthony Mason

      I couldn’t bring myself to do it. His music makes me feel physically uncomfortable and so sad. I literally get depressed when I hear his songs.

  4. Thought Dog

    People keep complaining but they did the same with Lil Wayne. The alternative that comes next always seem to be worse than what was before so get prepared for some mind altering shit with whoever blows up after Young Thug.

    • Anthony Mason

      That is so damn true. You saying “Mind altering ” let me know you are aware of what is happening.

      • Thought Dog

        It’s social conditioning basically. Divide, stupify and conquer. All forms of popular music are extremely watered down or retarded right now.

      • EDOGZ818


        Who can get you to celebrate by “Throwing Elbows?”

        ** Luda **

        Now what about blamming your brother for stepping on your made in China Nikes?

      • Снайпер

        They can da fuq outta here with that shit haha Idgaf about their whatever they have. So out of touch.

      • Снайпер

        All the mainstream ones rapping about what amounts to #firstworldproblems. Like get off my dick with your Hamptons country club nonsense. I’ll be at the park, breaking on the concrete with my Souls of Mischief & Missy Elliott. The only newer ones I like are Kendrick Lamar, of course Lil Wayne, and sometimes Azealia Banks/Nicki Minaj/Angel Haze… Forgetting a ton of them, it’s late. But most new shit is garbage.

      • Anthony Mason

        You know exactly what is going on. It is refreshing! Never exchange your morals for a little bit of $$$. When we die we can’t take money with us.

        2 chains rapping about things that have no relevancy as human beings is antiquated and silly. We are supposed to love each other and enjoy music.

  5. david

    “Let’s be serious, Young Thug will never make anything close to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony quality.”

    Check >>>> Any Bone Thugs song

  6. Crossdresserluv

    i hope that “never make anything close to bone” will motivate him to go harder, i know it would motivate me if it was said about me.

  7. a.c.

    These new wack generation of rappers will never make good quality tracks like bone did fuckk these wack rappers kids listen too just garbage

  8. ebonyhud

    I can’t remember what YoungThung song I was listening to, but it made me think he was inspired by BTNH, so I was wondering if they were going to say something…..

    This tweet would really suck if he looked up to them….

    • Name

      How can you hear a Young Thug song, knowing every song he makes sounds like a Wayne song, and think “This was Bone inspired”? Honestly I’d be surprised if Young Thug even knows much of Bone’s music. He’s like 22 and has openly said he looks up to Lil Wayne and makes all his music clearly influenced off Wayne’s type of music.

      • ebonyhud

        I wish that I could remember to prove it to you but I guess I can’t . I don’t know, I just did. I’m at that age and my mom listened to BTNH heavy. I love their music, so your 22 comment is off lol

  9. Name

    Except for Krayzie Bone actually likes Young Thug’s music. Don’t be trying to act like Krayzie made this meme himself. He probably seen it and thought it was funny so he passed it along on Instagram.

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