ALBUM STREAM PREMIERE: Lil Noid – “Paranoid Funk” [LACRO17 Reissue]

Tennessee rap veteran Lil Noid released his cult classic Paranoid Funk twenty years ago. Since then, it has been difficult for listeners to locate the influential 1995 Blackout-produced project. Noid has now hooked up with Delroy Edwards’ L.A. Club Resource label to present a first ever vinyl reissue version of Paranoid Funk. 

Created before Noid even reached the age of 20, Paranoid Funk represents a young artist’s analysis of dealing with the traps of the Memphis streets. The Juicy J protége’s lyrics play out as an internal battle of overcoming teen angst from an inner-city perspective.

Lil Noid’s 9-track dark opus is also available on iTunes. To purchase a vinyl copy of Paranoid Funk visit the online store Gene’s Liquor.

Stream Lil Noid’s Paranoid Funk below exclusively via

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