Wu-Tang Affiliate Christ Bearer Launches Kickstarter Fund For Tour; Starts Rap Competition

The Wu-Tang Clan affiliate that made headlines after severing his penis is trying new ventures. After doing stand-up comedy to joke about his near-death experience, Christ Bearer is now looking to visit small countries to teach them about hip-hop culture and perform in hopes of motivating them to develop their own hip-hop scenes, according to his spokesperson.

These three nations that he is looking to travel to include Vanuatu, a mostly tribal country with a population of just 266,937, Nauru, even smaller than Vanuatu, with a population of just 9,378, the Federated States of Micronesia, a nation of just 106,104 spread over 607 islands. Christ Bearer, born Andre Johnson, will be accompanied by fellow group members from NorthStar and 71Raw.

But to embark on this journey he needs help from the public. He has launched a Kickstarter fund to collect over $16,000. According to his page, he needs $33, 240 in total but is hoping for the other half of the money to be given from sponsors.

But this isn’t the only thing he is working on. He is also kicking off the 16 Bars of Gold rap competition. According to the site, rappers will sign up by paying $10 to submit a verse and the winner will receive 50 percent of the takings.

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