Suge Knight’s Lawyer Wants Murder Case Dismissed

Suge Knight’s lawyer is arguing that his current murder case should be dismissed due to one of the victims refusing to identify him in court during his testimony, Billboard reports. Knight’s attorney, Matt Fletcher, filed a motion on Friday (May 29) requesting that the attempted murder and hit-and-run charges be dropped.

When he took the stand at a preliminary hearing in April, Cle “Bone” Sloan refused to say that Knight was the man who ran him over with his red SUV in January saying, “I will not be used to send Suge Knight to prison.”

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The other man who was injured, Terry Carter, died to to injuries sustained after being ran over.

“There is nowhere in this transcript that Mr. Sloan ever identifies Marion Knight, the defendant, as a murderer,” Fletcher wrote in his motion. “There is nowhere in the entire transcript that Mr. Sloan even identifies Marion Knight as a driver of the red truck in question; the red truck that hit the victims.”

Though he refused to identify Suge in court, Sloan reportedly gave detectives an account of the incident, according to prosecutor  Cynthia Barnes.

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There is also surveillance footage of the incident showing what is said to be Suge Knight driving his red truck, hitting two men and driving off.

Knight’s next trial date is July 7th.

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