Lauren London On ‘ATL 2’: ‘It’s Not Definitely In The Works’

After T.I gave us hope that there was a ATL sequel on the way back in March, Lauren London has cautioned fans not to get too excited.

“It’s not definitely in the works,” she told The YBF. “I don’t want to be the spokesperson for it. I don’t want people take my word for it. So, no.  Right now it is a concept and there’s a lot of possibilities with that.”

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T.I uploaded flicks via IG earlier this year of he and London, Jason Weaver, Jackie Long, Albert Daniels and director Chris Robinson all on set the movie. The “No Mediocre” rapper went on to say in an interview that all the cast members were returning.

“Nobody’s saying ‘No, I’m not doing it,’ regardless of any success they’ve assumed afterwards or how many other projects they have to work on,” Tip said. “Everybody’s coming back.”

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