Female Photographer Files Lawsuit Against Katt Williams And Suge Knight

The female photographer that Suge Knight accused of trying to take pictures of his 5-year-old son is now filed a lawsuit against him and Katt Williams. During the incident, which was on video, Knight told Leslie Redden that he had “a b—ch to beat her motherf—–g a–!” and she claims that he and Williams followed up on that threat.

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In her lawsuit, Redden alleges that after Knight charged at her shouting expletives after he spotted her filming him outside of a Beverly Hills studio, he and Williams later approached her with a female, who is believed to be Williams’ girlfriend, who allegedly pushed her to the ground and took her camera.

Redden is suing Knight and Williams for assault. She also filed a defamation suit against Williams because he told TMZ that she “engaged inappropriately with a child” and she is suing him for taking her camera.

This is the second lawsuit filed against Knight this week. The family of Terry Carter, who Knight ran over with his SUV earlier this year, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against him.

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