YP on Meeting Nas: He Believes I’ll Help Push Hip-Hop Forward

“[Q-] Tip done told me that you’re dope, and I done checked you,” YP relates to AllHipHop what Hip-Hop icon, Nas, had to say about the Chicago native’s work. ” Meeting one’s Hip-Hop heroes can either be a jubilant experience or one that turns out to be dangerously fraudulent — for YP who recently dropped his Untitled EP — it turned out to be a truly invigorating one.

As he opens up about the surreal situation of conversing with the “Ether” MC, the “Let Us Pray” lyricist explains that Nas also told him, “I appreciate what you’re doing for the culture. Man, you’re gonna be one of the ones that push it forward.” Check out the full clip to find out which artists help arrange this motivational memory.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWv97SIGUts&w=560&h=315]