Kanye West Says He Was ‘Inaccurate’ About Beck

After almost crashing Beck’s acceptance speech back in February, Kanye West went on a typical Kanye rant about his disappointment with the Grammys for not giving the Album of the Year award to Beyonce and being infuriated about Beck’s win. Yeezus later took to Twitter to apologize after the incident, but five months later he is realizing that the Grammy’s may have been on to something. He admitted to the Sunday Times that Beck is a great artist and that he was wrong for saying he wasn’t deserving of his Grammy.

“I don’t make suggestions, I make propositions,” he told the British newspaper. “I don’t give requests, I give directives. There’s no in-between. I’m fine to apologize for inaccuracies. You know, I send flowers for inaccuracies. I talked to Beck’s wife, and I think I had a point about Beyoncé’s album, but I think I was inaccurate with the concept of a gentleman who plays 14 instruments not respecting artistry.”

After listening to the album, Ye’ did give Beck his props on The Breakfast Club and said “Man, this is kind of good. I ain’t gonna lie.”


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