YG Talks About Getting Shot And His New Album, ‘Still Krazy’

YG is breaking his silence regarding the shooting that happened last month in Los Angeles. The “Do It To Ya” rapper said he was only shot one time and claims that he has no idea who pulled the trigger but is sure that it was not a rival gang member.

“It was not gang-related at all,” the 25-year-old told Billboard. “It just happened out of the blue. We don’t know who did it, we don’t know why. We don’t know nothing.” He continued, “I got lucky because a main artery is right there, right around the groin. The bullet didn’t go that deep, and it didn’t hit any bones.”

He said after he was shot he had another brush with death while on his way to the hospital.

“After I got shot, I’m telling everybody, ‘Take me to the hospital, because I can’t die.’ We hop in my homie’s car and bam — we got in a car accident! We hit an island trying to avoid another car. We had to hop out of the totaled car, hop in another car. At the hospital we had to tell people, ‘Take me serious right now — you don’t even understand what’s going on.’ It was wild.”

The left coast native speaks about the incident on a track called “Twist Your Fingers” off his sophomore debut, which he revealed is titled Still Krazy.

When asked about his debut album, My Krazy Life, being underrated he compared it to Jay Z’s debut album Reasonable Doubt getting a delayed acclaim.

“People were just unfamiliar with my first album and they didn’t really think I was going to make it as far as I did. But I think my sound has grown since. When I drop this new album you aren’t going to feel like I went too left trying to switch it up. It’s still a good follow-up album talking about real situations in my life.”


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