UCLA Arrest May Cost Diddy His Liquor License

Photo credit: Instagram

Not, within five years prior to the date of application, been convicted of a felony under Federal or State law, and has not, within three years prior to date of application, been convicted of a misdemeanor under any federal law relating to liquor, including the taxation thereof…

(AllHipHop News) As specified by The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau,  all alcohol producers and manufacturers must adhere to the above listed requirement in order to trade their product.  On Monday (June 22), Diddy was arrested on the UCLA campus, while defending his son, Justin, who plays football for the Bruins. The Ciroc connoisseur reportedly made felony terroist threats, and he is now in jeopardy of losing his liquor licens, reports the Observer.

If the established entrepreneur is ultimately convicted of the pending charges he may end up losing his lucrative partnership with Diageo. The State Liquor Authority in New York contends, “A convicted felon cannot be employed by a licensed manufacturer or wholesaler.” Other states like Michigan and Louisiana have similarly strict laws  regarding a convicted felon possessing a liquor license.

Since Diddy successfully negotiated a joint-partnership with Diageo, the global leader in the production of spirits, one of the Hip-Hop mogul’s most profitable revenue streams may dry up if he receives a felony conviction.

Given his access to the best legal counsel, will Diddy beat his charges?

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