Wu Tang Member is Proud Of Self-Neutering Himself

Chris Bearer was in the news around this time last year. The west coast Wu-Tang affiliate made national news when he severed his penis off and jumped off of a 2-story balcony in an attempted suicide. Although the news has died down throughout 2014, Bearer has been appearing in news now in retrospect of the  situation. Recently in an interview with Vlad TV, Bearer spoke out about the reason why he tried to kill himself. According to Bearer, he became depressed while struggling to pay child support as well as talk to his kids.

Although he was critical wounded from severing his penis, Chris Bearer is proud of what he’s down. Bearer tells Vlad TV:

“I’m the only man that did what the fuck I did. And I’m proud of it,”

“Cause why in the eons of history, I don’t think anybody ever did it…I probably made the biggest mistake in history, but I’m proud of that.”

Check out the very weird interview below.

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