Watch All Of The 2015 XXL Freshman Class Freestyles + Vote On Your Favorite (VIDEOS/POLL)

(AllHipHop News) The 10 artists selected for this year’s XXL Freshman Class each recorded freestyles for the publication. Watch the freestyle videos of Fetty Wap, Dej Loaf, Vince Staples, Raury, GoldLink, Tink, Shy Glizzy, K Camp, OG Maco, and Kidd Kidd below. Which artist spit the best bars? Take our poll.

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Fetty Wap

Dej Loaf

Vince Staples




Shy Glizzy

K Camp

OG Maco

Kidd Kidd

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24 Responses to “Watch All Of The 2015 XXL Freshman Class Freestyles + Vote On Your Favorite (VIDEOS/POLL)”

      • Quintin Williams

        I saluted her because she was better than everyone else. Kidd Kidd….garbage,Raury…garbage. My bad, Goldlink sounded pretty good. Mr.No, who did you like?

      • MrNoName2K

        What made her better.. because she sang and spit somethin?? If I were her I’d stick to singing, her voice is dope. Kidd Kidd had my vote tho..

      • Quintin Williams

        Me and you have agreed on on things in the past but Kidd Kidd was GARBAGE….and I actually like his music.

      • MrNoName2K

        Oh fasho my g i’m just sayin lol..Tink look good and all but her flow/styles a replica.. Kidd Kidd sounded a little more original to me

  1. Letha Stuckey

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  2. MrNoName2K

    kidd kidd..(Fetty Wap remind me of one of them dudes from Lean On ME that Mr Clark cornered up in the bathroom and forced to sing in front of him)

  3. Keyser Soze

    Kidd Kidd.. Vince Staples went in too… Sound like a mixtape verse though.. Kidd shit sound like he sat down wrote it then just spit it on the spot..

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