Bill Cosby Statue Removed From Hollywood Studios Theme Park; ‘Cosby’ Episodes Pulled From Centric

After a 2005 deposition revealed that Bill Cosby admitted to giving women he wanted to have sexual intercourse with Quaaludes, the bronze statue of the comedian was removed from the Hollywood Studios theme park in Lake Buena Vista, FL. According to WFLA News, the statue was removed Tuesday evening (July 7), one day after the revelation.

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Also, two networks have pulled the Cosby Show and Cosby from its regular programming. Entertainment Weekly confirms that BET’s Centric TV and Bounce TV will not be airing anymore reruns. TV Land discontinued airing reruns of the Cosby Show back in November and Netflix pulled the plug on a comedy special starring comedy when the number of allegations began to increase as well.

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Over three dozen women have accused Cosby of drugging them and sexually assaulting them.


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