Did Ciara & Monica Fall Out Over Future?

Photos via Monica and Ciara’s Instagram

Hmmmm did close friends Monica and Ciara fall out over Future? Monica has been posting pictures of her wedding on Instagram in celebration of her anniversary. Fans quickly realized that in one photo she didn’t tag Ciara, but she tagged many others. A fan decided to take the time and explain “in her own words” what really went down between Cici and Mo! The fan claims that Monica knew Future was cheating on Ciara while she was pregnant with one of his baby mamas who happens to also be a friend or associate of Monica. Monica didn’t completely deny the fan’s claims but she did say she made a lot of assumptions. Monica says she refuses to make a spectacle of the many years her and Ciara shared. So we want to know what really happened. Mo has since deleted the comment and response, but Baller Alert caught it!

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