Did Meek Mill Steal “I Got The Juice” Hook From Detroit Rapper Lil George? (POLL)

(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill has some rap fans online questioning if the Maybach Music Group member bit an idea from Detroit rapper Lil George. The 17-year-old rhymer released the track “Sauce” earlier this year, and some listeners feel Meek’s track “I Got The Juice” too closely resembles the hook from George’s single.

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“Sauce” was uploaded to SoundCloud five months ago, and the video was added to YouTube in April. “I Got The Juice” appears on the Meek Mill album Dreams Worth More Than Money which was released on June 29.

George may not have made a major splash nationally, but “Sauce” has been building regionally. The song’s video has collected over 135,000 views on YouTube, and the self-proclaimed “Prince of BMB Records” has been featured on several Hip Hop websites including WSHH, Complex, HHS87, and AllHipHop.

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So did Meek Mill lift his hook from Lil George? Listen to a mash-up of the respective hooks and the full songs below. Then take our poll.

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22 Responses to “Did Meek Mill Steal “I Got The Juice” Hook From Detroit Rapper Lil George? (POLL)”

  1. Quintin Williams

    Meek is so wrong for stealing from that man…smh. He could have at least featured Lil George on the song as a sign of respect.

  2. MrNoName2K

    Now there have been situations where sh*t like this comes up and im like meeeeeeeeh theres a little bit of “bite” in there but damn Meek just flat out jacked that sh*t. Pay that man dirty n*gga!

  3. Yabba

    time to sue meek.. robin thicke lost his lawsuit lil george better go after some of that money meek made off 200k in sales

  4. bklyn reprezenta

    why do this generation feel they invented something how about giving credit where credit is do has anybody every heard of the movie juice it was the last words being said at the end of the movie said to Q”yo you got the juice now” after bishop/2pac character falls off the rooftop and dies

    • Perfect Timing

      It’s not WHAT was being said its the WAY it was being said, that is in question.. Same flow pattern

      • bklyn reprezenta

        it’s a verse & flow i get that the quote is taken from juice it’s a play on words i know how these teens and twenty somethings love all things 2pac

      • Dark Matters

        Considering that almost everyone of these “street” rappers are rapping in that same bland way a lot of times these days…

  5. Anthony Mason

    The picture with meek in the green shirt is a play on the same satanic doctrine Kevin Gates is pictured with in the black and white photo that keeps getting reposted.

    A more subtle alternative to the baphomet pose and much less gay looking. That is given the fact the baphomet is a transgender/ hermaphrodite beast…..

    Above as it is Below folks…easy to see and research. Not common knowledge but hey….Half you fools worship the devil anyways. Might as well get to know him like your father…

    Lucifer wanted to be the supreme God and that wasn’t happening so he inverted symbolism to make evil seem good and good seem evil.

    This is the matrix we live in in 2015..


    No but lil donald got a song called i got the juice that been killing the southeast since late 2014 early 2015

  7. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    lmao neithre of these songs are all that original … you can find another 100 millions songs ussing similar production and similar flows all over from indy to established to artist that suck lol !!!!!!!!!!!

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